Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy N"ewe" Year

Happy N"ewe" Year!

Our sheep is ready to party!

She is wearing Peruvia Quick by Berroco in fashionable colour Dragon.
Her cowl is a quick knit using 9 mm needles and 2 balls of this bulky yarn. 
There are over 10 stylist colours to create with.
Her cozy cowl is accessorized with an original shawl pin
 created by Silverwear by Valerie, exclusive to our shop.

Look forward to seeing "ewe" soon
 and helping you pick out a n"ewe" project for the n"ewe" year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all of "Ewe"

Diane & Linda
all the sheep in the shop!

We will be OPEN on Boxing Day.
Remember - once the big day is over - you will have time to start a n"ewe" project!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

There is a lot of "Christmas" in the shop and even on the n"ewe" front porch.
Our cute little sheep will welcome you as you come up the steps.

All knitters love books!

This pictures shows just a  small selection of the books that we carry. 
You will find projects for the beginner, the intermediate and the expect crafter.
We also have 35 binders full of knitting/crocheting patterns!

We appreciate it when you shop local
Why fight the crowds in the big malls when you can visit our cozy shop 
 where you will find -  
friendly, helpful staff to help you with all your knitting gift needs and projects,
 plus convenient parking.

We have a great selection of yarns, patterns, needle sets, yarn bowls, gadgets, mugs, note cards
and so much more - many unique to our shop. 
All knitters/crocheters love gift certificates.

Remember - once all the rush is over
 - you will need a knitting/crocheting project to work on while you relax!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Ideas

 Knitters and crocheters love sheep! 
How about treating yourself or one of your knitting/crocheting friends
 Joseph Thomas the Sheep.

 Fun mugs with cute sayings!

 Fun coasters to match the mugs or just because!

                                                      Note cards for year round pleasure.
We also have Thomas Joseph the Sheep Christmas cards
for you to send now!

You can never have too many knitting bags!

These colourful knitting bags are water resistant - inside and out.
 I can tell you from experience - getting your knitting bag wet is not a good idea!
The bags are great for lots of other purposes also - shoes, gym clothes, etc.
They are both functional and attractive!

Monday, November 28, 2011

There is still time to make your special little girl a really cute sweater for Christmas.

This darling sweater is made with Simplicity by HiKoo.
Simplicity is a very soft merino superwash wool blend.
The hardest part will be deciding what colours to create it in.

Yarn bowls and Gadget Jars
are a must have for every knitter!

These very useful yarn bowls and gadget jars 
are made by Carolyn Filter from Williams Mill
in Glen Williams - just a few minutes north of Georgetown.
Her details are exquisite - little sheep and balls of yarn decorate the bowls and jars.

Hope to see "ewe' soon!

Don't forget - we have lots of gift ideas for knitters and crocheters.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas at the shop!

Santa has arrived in town
Christmas has arrived at the shop. 
We are all decorated for the season!
There is so much to see in every room.
Lots of gift ideas for you and for your knitting and crocheting friends.

In the above picture  - yarns by Sirdar, Schulana, Dye-Version and Berroco

 Above are yarns by Dye-Version, Naturally and Sweaterkits

In the background Katia fashion yarns, top of the ladder - SMC Select and at the bottom Berroco

Don't forget to come in and fill out your Wish List!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Ewe" just have to see it!

As the title says - "Ewe" just have to see it!

Beaded Mulberry Silk

Here is wonderful n"ewe" yarn from Sweaterkits called Silk Jewel.
It is a hand dyed Mulberry Silk with beads on it.
 One skein makes a lovely wrap or stunning scarf.
 Finish it off with a Swirl Pin (also from Sweaterkits) and you are all set for the holidays.

Light as Air Silk Wrap

When you combine Silky Mulberry and  Silk Whisper together you get  this absolutely beautiful wrap.
 This is also designed by Sharon of Sweaterkits.
  Silk Whisper is a silk and mohair blend.

Lots of other  n"ewe" is also arriving!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Sitting in the sun during afternoon break

I had a special knitting weekend last weekend.
 I attended a
knitting retreat in Gananaque - just past Kingston.
I roomed with Deb Gemmil of
Cabin Fever fame.
 Lots of good company, excellent instructors, too much good food and absolutely beautiful knitting.
What more can I say!
Friend and Tunsian Crochet Instructor Julia Bryant

We are a cable!
Super friend and instructor Fiona Ellis
I was able to share my shop with everyone.
This thick interesting yarn is called Link and it is amazing.
It looks like I-cord and every one thinks that you have knit it but you haven't.
 You "just knit" with it as it is and you have a wonderful scarf before you know it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bags and Pins

Believe it or not - I am not going to show you any n"ewe" yarns today. 
Instead I am going to show you 2 n"ewe" products that are exclusive to our shop.

Colourful Knitting Bag

What a great knitting bag!
It is not too big or not too small and it is waterproof.
 When I was  in  Panama in February, I put my non waterproof knitting bag down and guess what - it got wet and so did my knitting inside.
Nothing was damaged but it could have been.
These bags come in fun colours and have a draw string top.
You could use them for anything but I think for knitting is a super idea!

Val's Shawl Pins

One day one of my customers - Val - was wearing some lovely earrings.
 I commented on how attractive they were.
She proudly told me that she created them.
I asked what else she makes in the jewelery line and she mentioned other items including shawl pins.
I was looking for some lovely new shawl pins for the store - so the rest is history.
The pictures shows some of them - we have lots more wonderful designs.

They are unique designs using high quality copper and semi-precious gemstones.
Think of one as a "gift" to you or a special gift for someone you love.
This pins can be used in many ways - to hold a shawl or scarf in place or just for decoration.
Val is from Brampton - so purchasing one of her pins would be a great way to" shop local".
Please note that they are "cash only " purchases.

if you see construction at the front door of the shop - park out back and come in the back door as
we will be open!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woodstock Fleece Festival

This past Saturday we had a booth at the Woodstock Fleece Festival.
Waiting for the show to start
Our colourful booth 
Lots and lots of wonderful items for the shoppers
Hopefully we made a lot of knitters very happy!

Silk Wool

This n"ewe" yarn  - Silk Wool - by SMC Select is wonderful!
The silk adds a bit of a shine to it. 

The yarn is a light weight chunky with a chain construction and fashionable colours.
There is a special pattern book with a super selection of patterns for the
Silk Wool.
Be sure to come in to see and feel our sample sweater.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall at the shop!

The shop is really full of many wonderful yarns and lots of patterns to go with them.

Lace/Fingering Corner

You will find this delightful corner in the front room beside the couch.
 Lace and fingering yarns are so gratifying to create with.

Double Knitting yarn in front room

On this wall you will find all kinds of lovely soft yarns for  baby and "ewe'.

N'ewe" yarn room

In this room you will find super bulky yarns and fun thick novelty yarns
- also binders full of
patterns for adults, mitts, hats, sock, blankets and lots more.

Keep cozy and warm wearing these sweaters

The vest is made of super bulky light weight Naturally Gabbiano.
The hooded sweater is made of dk weight Berocco Ultra Alpaca Tonal.

Friday Oct. 21 - closing at 4:00
Sat. Oct. 22 - closed all day

Come visit us at the
Woodstock Fleece Festival

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Books and Yarn

I hope that you found some time to knit or crochet over the Thanksgiving weekend.
 I did!

Books keep arriving and our binders and shelves are getting very full. 

"Gift giving" time is fast approaching - hard to believe that it is the middle of October already.

These 2 books have patterns for great "gift giving" projects.
 Everyone loves hand knitted slippers 
 - Inspiration Slippers -
 has just the patterns you need.

The other book
  Inspiration Family Styles - Back to Basics 
 has loads of patterns for the whole family. 
There are cardigans with and without hoods, round and v-neck vests, hand warmers and scarves for the whole family - size 2 to adult 3x.

Regia Colour Blitz

Everyone loves
sock yarns - whether for socks, scarves, shawls or whatever.
 Be sure to come in and check out the new colours in
Regia Colour Blitz.
They are "fun" and a bit different.

next Friday Oct. 21st - closing at 4:00 and closed all day Saturday Oct. 22nd
We have a  booth at the
Woodstock Fleece Festival.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pins and Yarn

There is always n"ewe" in the shop and I love sharing it with you.

Actually brooches is a better word to describe these fun "pins" for knitters and crocheters.
They are made by Sarah Reesor - a local artist who lives in southern Ontario.
You will find sheep - of course - cats and dogs.
Aall are painted in a fun way and decorated with a felted ball, beads and wire.


Aventica is a "light" chunky yarn with a chain construction that results in it being light weight and cozy.
 It comes in 10 delight colours that form wonderful colour patterns as you knit.

There are 2 pattern books - Inspiration - Colour Effects for Kids - sweaters (ages 1 to 8 years) plus the cutest toys knit from the same yarn to match the sweaters.

The other book - Inspiration - Beautiful Colour Effects for Adults - includes patterns for sweaters, shawls, vests, hats. scarves and leg warmers.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend
 be sure to find time to pick up your needles and hooks.

Be Thankful that you know how to knit and crochet.

Friday, September 30, 2011

More Dye Version

Our customers love Dye Version yarns because of their wonderful fibres and brilliant colours. Also because it is a local company - Mississauga!

BFL Sock

The BFL stands for Bluefaced Leicester which is a breed of sheep. This  fingering weight yarn is 80% BFL and 20 % nylon. BFL Sock would make absolutely stunning shawls and scarves.

Bamboo Sock

I know a lot of you love bamboo towels, clothing and bedding - well how about trying some Bamboo Sock. This yarn is a bamboo/lycra blend which is heavenly to work with and your feet will love it.

All for now - happy knitting and crocheting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

N"ewe" and K-W Knitters' Fair

Here is our booth at the Knitters' Fair.
We had a double booth this year, so had to take lots and lots with us.
We had super comments about our displays and selections in our booth.
From the left

Smiling at the beginning of the day and also at the end even though we had tired feet!

from the right
We have to tease you by showing you some n"ewe" yarns that just arrived.
We are excited because they are "local" yarns.

The top and bottom yarns are from Waterloo Wools from Waterloo Ontario.
They are both hand dyed by a lovely young lady who just became a Mummy!
The top one - Brighton - is a fingering superwash//tencel blend.
The bottom one  - Algonquin - is a fingering superwash merino/silk blend.

The middle yarn is from Oceanwind Knits from Teeswater Ontario.
This yarn is Merino Lace & is a hand dyed merino wool.

Any of these yarns would make stunning shawls, wraps, scarfs or what ever!

The picture does not do these yarns justice - come and see the stunning colours for yourself.
I am pleased to say they are selling quickly.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kintters, Fair

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the blog today but unfortunately without pictures. My "techie"/Bob is not available and I cannot get the pictures to attach to this post. I will send them next week.

First of all thanks to all of you who came and visited us at the Knitters' Fair last weekend.
 It was great to see friendly faces.
It was a lot of work getting ready for the fair, loading the van, unloading the van, setting up, selling all day, loading the van, unloading the van and then setting up the shop again.
 But it also was a lot of fun - it really was! 
We are doing it again next year!

If you missed this fair or want to visit another fair,
we are going to be at the
Woodstock Fleece Festival
on Sat. Oct. 22nd.
 This is the Festivals' third year and it gets bigger and better each year.
 Of course, because we are going to be there! 
They also have lambs and other animals to visit, spinning demos, etc.

Besides doing the Fairs and Festivals it is very busy in the shop.
 Believe it or not - there are more n"ewe" yarns.
 The shop is very  full with lots yarns and patterns - it is a knitters'  paradise!
N"ewe"  - King Llama and Silk
                      - Park Avenue - scarf yarn
                      - Fine Merino Lace by Oceanwinds - an Ontario yarn dyer
                      - Handyed fingering by Waterloo Wools - another Ontario yarn dyer

"Ewe" just have to come in to touch and be inspired!

Hope to see you soon.
Remember - we are now open on Mondays until next summer!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marble Yarn

Every one loves Marble yarn.
It knits up forming its own patterns, it is easy to knit with and it has an excellent price point.

Marble Chunky

Marble Chunky

Marble medium weight

In stock now are some new patterns for the Marble yarns
- sweaters, hats, scarves, cowls, socks, etc.

Lots of other n"ewe" yarns arriving also. 

we are closing today (Fri.Sept. 9th) at 4:00 and are closed all day tomorrow (Sat.Sept 10th) to have a vendor booth at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Fair at Bingemans.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is thick and lofty?

What is thick and lofty and quick to knit all at the same time?
Gabbiano Vest
This n"ewe" yarn is called Gabbiano and is by Naturally.
This wool blend and "light as air" yarn comes from New Zealand.  
Knitting on this yarn results in "instant gratification" knitting.
 Most of the patterns are  knit on 9mm or 10mm needles or larger!
In the pattern book you will find a cabled vest, a cropped jacket, a textured pullover, a hat, a neck warmer, a one button jacket and a cozy scarf.
Come in and feel it for yourself!

Just a reminder:
Friday Sept. 9th - closing at 4:00
Sat. Sept. 10th - closed all day
We are having a vendors booth
at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Fair

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooler weather - warmer yarns

The mailman keeps bring us boxes and boxes of n"ewe" yarns.
It is so much fun to open the boxes and see what treasures are inside.

Supersoft Luxury Dk
Isn't this a great vest!
It is made from Sirdar Supersoft Luxury Dk.
The yarn is so very soft and lightweight and comes in 10 stunning colours.
You can see the colours in the basket - some are pastel  and others are rich in colour.
The pattern book includes 15 patterns -
sweaters, pullovers, hats, fingerless gloves, scarves, shoulder capes and more.

Happy Knitting

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have yarn will travel!

I was lucky enough to go away for nearly a week with my daughter Elizabeth.
Can you guess where we went?
And yes - we both had knitting projects with us!

Sitting on a big red rock!

Leaning against a friendly cow!
At a look out!

Patting the only sheep we saw!

If you guessed Prince Edward Island you are correct. Good for you.
Lots of green grass, shining waters, friendly people and just the right
 amount of mother/daughter time and knitting time
 Elizabeth is knitting her best friend a lovely long chunky cardigan using Twilleys Purity
 I am knitting a chunky pullover using one of our  n"ewe" yarns - Twilleys Chunky Freedom Spirit.

While I was away a number of n"ewe" yarns came in.
 I will try to remember to take pictures of them and post them soon.
 Better yet - come in and see them for yourself