Thursday, September 22, 2011

N"ewe" and K-W Knitters' Fair

Here is our booth at the Knitters' Fair.
We had a double booth this year, so had to take lots and lots with us.
We had super comments about our displays and selections in our booth.
From the left

Smiling at the beginning of the day and also at the end even though we had tired feet!

from the right
We have to tease you by showing you some n"ewe" yarns that just arrived.
We are excited because they are "local" yarns.

The top and bottom yarns are from Waterloo Wools from Waterloo Ontario.
They are both hand dyed by a lovely young lady who just became a Mummy!
The top one - Brighton - is a fingering superwash//tencel blend.
The bottom one  - Algonquin - is a fingering superwash merino/silk blend.

The middle yarn is from Oceanwind Knits from Teeswater Ontario.
This yarn is Merino Lace & is a hand dyed merino wool.

Any of these yarns would make stunning shawls, wraps, scarfs or what ever!

The picture does not do these yarns justice - come and see the stunning colours for yourself.
I am pleased to say they are selling quickly.

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