Thursday, July 28, 2011


Linda and I had a fun weekend visiting Sandra - a former customer and friend who moved to Windsor just about a year ago.
When we drove in the driveway there was wonderful welcome sign drawn with chalk.
 In huge letters it said "Welcome Diane and Linda".
There was also a picture of knitting on some needles. So cute!
Sandra made this sign and her daughter Lauren drew a bunch of balls of yarn on the driveway.
I took a picture but unfortunately it did not turn out - I had my new camera on the wrong setting.
I was going to take a picture of it the next day but it rained overnight and washed it all away!

Look closely at the sheep - Lauren loves to visit them and wanted us to see them.
Aren't the sheep cute and of course Lauren is really cute also.
Did you notice the sheep are note real?
Hope you enjoy this picture.

Have a great long weekend and remember to find some time to knit and crochet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot weather - Winter Yarns

Phlox in my front garden

Some things to think about during this very hot weather -

1. Your favourite yarn shop - us, of course!

2. It is lovely and cool in here- drop in and knit/crochet!

3. Boxes of fall/winter yarn have arrived recently - get a sneak preview!

4. Did you know we are arranging lots of things in the shop -
- new shelving has arrived - come and see!

A pile of yarn
Wow, look at all that n"ewe" yarn.
There is thin lace weight, dk weight and even some really thick and funky yarns.
Now just trying to find a home for all of them.
I know that should not be hard because of all the new shelves
 - it is just deciding where they will look best!
I will give you more information and close up pictures of  the n"ewe" yarns in the next few posts.

Try to keep cool and keep knitting/crocheting.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Gardens and Summer Shawl

I love all the bright colours of my gardens in the summer.
I love all the wonderful colours of all the yarns year round.
I love my garden.
I love my shop.

Pretty yellow flowers in my front garden
 Circle Capelet by Dye-Version
Before blocking 
- note outside edges are rounded

During blocking
- pinned the points on the outside edges and lightly spritzed

Ready to wear
Linda knit this stunning shawl for the shop using
Bamboo Sport by Dye-Version.
The yarn is beautifully hand dyed in Mississauga.
Linda said it was a fun to knit as it was different - you knit back and forth but ended up with circles!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wisteria Shawl

I had fun knitting this shawl using one ball of
Socky-Talky by the Dye Guy.

The pattern is in the book 
Sock Yarn - One Skein Wonders
along with 100 other patterns.
The book is divided in sections for hat, mitts, gloves, scarves, shrugs, wraps, babies, kids, toys, doll clothes, bags and lots more, included a nice selection of sock patterns.

before blocking

after blocking
in the garden

This wrap was very easy to make. It is a 13 stitch by 12 row repeat. The yarn is a hand dyed merino blend.
It is a wonderful yarn to use and it is "local" which is a bonus.
As you can see - blocking makes a big difference in the final appearance.It grew in depth and width to a really nice size.
I can't wait to wear it!