Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Ewe" just have to see it!

As the title says - "Ewe" just have to see it!

Beaded Mulberry Silk

Here is wonderful n"ewe" yarn from Sweaterkits called Silk Jewel.
It is a hand dyed Mulberry Silk with beads on it.
 One skein makes a lovely wrap or stunning scarf.
 Finish it off with a Swirl Pin (also from Sweaterkits) and you are all set for the holidays.

Light as Air Silk Wrap

When you combine Silky Mulberry and  Silk Whisper together you get  this absolutely beautiful wrap.
 This is also designed by Sharon of Sweaterkits.
  Silk Whisper is a silk and mohair blend.

Lots of other  n"ewe" is also arriving!

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