Monday, November 28, 2011

There is still time to make your special little girl a really cute sweater for Christmas.

This darling sweater is made with Simplicity by HiKoo.
Simplicity is a very soft merino superwash wool blend.
The hardest part will be deciding what colours to create it in.

Yarn bowls and Gadget Jars
are a must have for every knitter!

These very useful yarn bowls and gadget jars 
are made by Carolyn Filter from Williams Mill
in Glen Williams - just a few minutes north of Georgetown.
Her details are exquisite - little sheep and balls of yarn decorate the bowls and jars.

Hope to see "ewe' soon!

Don't forget - we have lots of gift ideas for knitters and crocheters.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas at the shop!

Santa has arrived in town
Christmas has arrived at the shop. 
We are all decorated for the season!
There is so much to see in every room.
Lots of gift ideas for you and for your knitting and crocheting friends.

In the above picture  - yarns by Sirdar, Schulana, Dye-Version and Berroco

 Above are yarns by Dye-Version, Naturally and Sweaterkits

In the background Katia fashion yarns, top of the ladder - SMC Select and at the bottom Berroco

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Ewe" just have to see it!

As the title says - "Ewe" just have to see it!

Beaded Mulberry Silk

Here is wonderful n"ewe" yarn from Sweaterkits called Silk Jewel.
It is a hand dyed Mulberry Silk with beads on it.
 One skein makes a lovely wrap or stunning scarf.
 Finish it off with a Swirl Pin (also from Sweaterkits) and you are all set for the holidays.

Light as Air Silk Wrap

When you combine Silky Mulberry and  Silk Whisper together you get  this absolutely beautiful wrap.
 This is also designed by Sharon of Sweaterkits.
  Silk Whisper is a silk and mohair blend.

Lots of other  n"ewe" is also arriving!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Sitting in the sun during afternoon break

I had a special knitting weekend last weekend.
 I attended a
knitting retreat in Gananaque - just past Kingston.
I roomed with Deb Gemmil of
Cabin Fever fame.
 Lots of good company, excellent instructors, too much good food and absolutely beautiful knitting.
What more can I say!
Friend and Tunsian Crochet Instructor Julia Bryant

We are a cable!
Super friend and instructor Fiona Ellis
I was able to share my shop with everyone.
This thick interesting yarn is called Link and it is amazing.
It looks like I-cord and every one thinks that you have knit it but you haven't.
 You "just knit" with it as it is and you have a wonderful scarf before you know it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bags and Pins

Believe it or not - I am not going to show you any n"ewe" yarns today. 
Instead I am going to show you 2 n"ewe" products that are exclusive to our shop.

Colourful Knitting Bag

What a great knitting bag!
It is not too big or not too small and it is waterproof.
 When I was  in  Panama in February, I put my non waterproof knitting bag down and guess what - it got wet and so did my knitting inside.
Nothing was damaged but it could have been.
These bags come in fun colours and have a draw string top.
You could use them for anything but I think for knitting is a super idea!

Val's Shawl Pins

One day one of my customers - Val - was wearing some lovely earrings.
 I commented on how attractive they were.
She proudly told me that she created them.
I asked what else she makes in the jewelery line and she mentioned other items including shawl pins.
I was looking for some lovely new shawl pins for the store - so the rest is history.
The pictures shows some of them - we have lots more wonderful designs.

They are unique designs using high quality copper and semi-precious gemstones.
Think of one as a "gift" to you or a special gift for someone you love.
This pins can be used in many ways - to hold a shawl or scarf in place or just for decoration.
Val is from Brampton - so purchasing one of her pins would be a great way to" shop local".
Please note that they are "cash only " purchases.

if you see construction at the front door of the shop - park out back and come in the back door as
we will be open!