Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sakura - what is it!

Sakura is a wonderful new yarn in the shop.
 Actually there are two  Sakura yarns 
Sakura Silk - a silk/cotton/acrylic blend
and Sakura Cotton - a cotton/acrylic/silk blend
This yarn feels wonderful and it is so much fun to knit with. 
It is a self patterning yarn that does all the work - you "just" knit or crochet with it.
The 2 yarns actually look the same and feel quite similar but as you can see
  they are made of similar fibres but a different blend of each.
 I decided to knit a shawl using the Sakura Silk -
 I felt it would show off the self pattern yarn very nicely - which it does.
I used Cabin Fever pattern #92
- Judy's Ruffled Shawlette.
 Here is our finished project. I hope you like it as much as I do.
The shawl is hanging crooked in the picture because it was really windy when I took it
 but it actually drapes beautifully.
Sakura is a kw weight yarn - some free patterns for it just arrived.
- hat, scarf, shrug, fingerless gloves.
Come in a touch our sample and you will fall in love with Sakura.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

The calendar says Spring but not so sure when looking out the window.
If you want to find Spring be sure to drop in to the shop.
We have so many wonderful Spring colours to brighten your day that you will instantly feel happy and want to pick up your needles and hooks to start a n"ewe" project.
Sirdar Crofter
This cute little girl's sweater was knit by Edythe.
She used 
Sirdar Crofter DK in one of their n"ewe" colours called May
 - wrong month but we know May will be here before we know it.
We have been selling this yarn for years - everyone loves it.

This yarn comes in lots of colours for the whole family and has good pattern support.
 They keep introducing great n"ewe" colours and we have them for your "creating" pleasure.
The joy of this yarn that is is self patterning - you knit and the yarn does the work!

This cute sweater is on display in the shop - thanks Edythe.

Let's hope that the "real" Spring arrives soon.
Remember to keep your needles and hooks busy!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day
March 17th is supposed to be a lucky day so hope you have lots of luck.

This is one of our St. Patrick's Day displays in the shop. 
It is featuring our favourite yarn from Ireland
 - Hedgehog Fibres.
If you love the colour green then you are in luck.
 I just walked around the shop
 and there are over 100 different kinds of green yarn or balls with green in them.
We also have green yarn bowls, little green notion boxes
and even sheep mugs and small bags from Ireland.

Thought you would like to see this cute little cardigan knit by Cecile - one of our customers.
Cecile used Sirdar Smiley Stripes in one of their new colours
called Honolulu - think lovely tropical colours including green.

Have fun knitting & hope to see "ewe" soon.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cute and Cuddly

We had some cute visitors in the shop the other day. 
Penny the puppy was knit by Linda and lives at the shop. 
Linda's daughter Emily gave the puppy her name.
The 2 bears that came to visit were knit by Liz - one of our customers.
Liz named her bears Laurel and Hardy.
They had fun being admired and cuddled by our customers.
These cute and cuddly "Critters" are knitted using Caribou yarn.
 It is so.... soft and comes in a nice selection of  "critter" colours!
When you knit you use one strand of Caribou and one strand of a matching DK weight yarn. 
This gives your "critter" a nice firm shape.
Our puppy is looking shy as she has no eyes. We are waiting for safety eyes to arrive.
Liz embroidered eyes and noses on her bears.

I am sure that you would love to make one or more of the Caribou Critter
- there is also a monkey - for some one special including yourself.

I have just added more yarn to the sale area and marked down the prices on a lot more.
A great time to add to your stash!