Thursday, June 27, 2013

Exciting n"ewe"s and What is n"ewe"?

Exciting N"ewe"s!
Mark you calendars now!
April 4, 5 & 6th, 2014!
We are hostessing a knitting/crocheting/fibre Retreat! 
and "ewe" are invited!.
You can expect a super fun weekend along with learning, time to relax and yummy food.
I am so excited and hope "ewe" are also.
Watch our blog for more information as it becomes available
mark your calendar now and start saving your pennies 
- oh, guess "ewe" cannot save your pennies any more but "ewe" know what I mean!

According to the calender and the weather outside - summer has arrived!! 
We often refer to the lazy days of summer so,
 I feel that is an invitation to find time to sit and knit / crochet / spin  - play with fibre.

Speaking of fibre - another  n"ewe" one arrived recently.
Titus is a new yarn by an English company called Baa Ram Ewe.
This yarn is made from the lovely wool of the Yorkshire sheep from Yorkshire, England.
This is a fingering weight yarn in 8 colours 
- yorkstone, coal, chevin, bantam, parkin, aire, eccup and white rose
 You will have to come in to see what colours they really are! 
There are individual patterns (or you can use any fingering pattern)
There is also a lovely book with patterns for Titus plus other yarns from them that we are expecting at a later date.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


We had a great time at WWKIPD!
It was our most successful "WWKIPD " ever!
Thanks for all of "ewe" who attended
 - customers and friends from Acton, Georgetown, Milton, Orangeville, Toronto and other places.
The Yarn Gods provided super weather - almost too hot - but better than rain.
These are some of the things we did during our fun day
shared what we were creating
played a guessing game
won prizes for "just" attending
got free yarn and a pattern for "just" attending
ate lots! - thanks for those who kindly brought treats
supported Let's Blanket Halton with yarn donations
supported the Georgetown Bread Basket with food donations
made n"ewe" friends
met the Mayor - he saw us outside and stopped for a chat and shared a knitting story with us!

Wow, what a fun and busy day. 

This is a teaser - some n"ewe" fall yarns just arrived - Murrina and Titus
+ some n"ewe" books.
 Pictures next week but if you are really anxious - drop by to see them now.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Reading and Creating!

For those of us who love to play with fibre
there is almost nothing more exciting than having n"ewe" books to check out.
Here are a few n"ewe" ones that should be make for interesting reading and creating.

This book is a nostalgic collection of over 20 designs inspired by space and technology. 
And they say knitting is not for the young at heart! Think again!

This is the best book ever for cat and kitten lovers. 
They are little kittens and big cats - all very loveable.
There is even a pattern for a mouse!

No matter how long you have knitted - there are always n"ewe" things to learn 
and questions to be answered.
This is the book for you -it is small enough to put in your knitting bag
and as the front cover says - it has all the answers!
I have looked through it and it does look pretty interesting!

Happy Creating!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fantastic Bamtastic

Hope you are finding time to knit and crochet along with your gardening time.
I also love to garden (along with my love for knitting) and do find gardening a nice change from knitting - but every evening my knitting needles are also very busy.
Just think,with knitting/crocheting 
you do not get dirty, your back does not get sore from bending over, you do not get bug bites 
and hopefully you do not work up a sweat!

It is so much fun opening boxes when you know that there are n"ewe" yarns inside.
This yarn is called Bamtasitc and it is fantastic!
It is a Plymouth yarn and we are the only store in Canada with it.
Bamtastic is a lovely bamboo blend.
 It comes in 100 g balls with 225 m per ball.
The colours are much prettier when you really see them and you can even touch them!
On a 4.00 mm needle this yarn works as a dk and on a 4.50 mm needle it works as a kw.
I have already sold some!
One customer is making a baby sweater and another customer is making herself a sweater.

Don't forget that next Wed - June 12th from 11 - 3 is WWKIPD.
Hope to see "ewe".
Be sure to bring your project, yarn donations and food bank donations and a friend!

Also remember we are closed Mondays 
for June, July and August.