Thursday, September 30, 2010

Books, books and more books!

I mentioned in my last blog that there are quite a few new books on the shelves at the shop. Here is a sneak preview of some of them. The covers of the books are always interesting but to find out what is inside - you will have to drop by for a visit.

For Sock Lovers

Slippers make great gifts!

Wow, this book has it all!

A "must have" book!

For those who love to knit for kids!

It is hard to believe it is the end of September already. I hope that you have your knitting needles and crochet hooks ready for a busy but fun knitting and crocheting season.

Don't forget we offer a wide range of knitting workshops. Be sure to come in and check them out. You deserve and evening (or two) to explore and learn some new knitting techniques. There is always so much new to learn.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010


If you are thinking of heading out on a road trip to see the knitted bridge  - please continue reading!

The last day is Sept. 26th and they are taking it down on Sept. 27th. It is worth the drive to Cambridge!

Guess I was just rushing the fall season in giving you the incorrect date. Sorry about that.

Happy knitting from Diane

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have you ever seen.....?

Have you ever seen a knitted bridge? Yes, I said a bridge - you know the "thing" that allows you to travel across a body of water without getting your feet wet. Bob and I went to see a knitted bridge this week.

This bridge is in Cambridge Ontario and is decorated with knitting (and some crocheting) until Sunday October 27th. The history of Cambridge is based on fiber and fabric mills. The Cambridge Centre for the Arts wanted the community be aware of  its' past, so they came up with this project. They asked knitters/crocheters to make "something" to decorate the bridge. Isn't is amazing! After the "work of art" comes down, the pieces will be all cleaned and the blankets are being donated locally for those in need. The scarves are going to be sold at a special event with proceeds going to the Centre. For more info go to - I have more pictures on my computer at the shop if you wish to see them.

Wow, more new yarns are here and they are as colourful as the bridge but you will definitely want to wrap your body in these fibres - not a bridge.

Dye Version Bamboo

The first one is by a local independent yarn dyer - Dye Version. The yarn is 100% bamboo in absolutely fabulous colours. You will receive a free fashionable scarf pattern for this yarn when you purchase this yarn.

Sweaterkits Silk
I could give almost the same description for this new yarn also. It is dyed by an almost local dyer (the other side of Toronto) - Sweaterkits but this yarn is 100% silk. Of course you have to see the colours to really appreciate them. You also receive a free fashionable scarf or shawl pattern when you purchase this yarn.

Also, lots of new books - will send pictures next week - OK? If you cannot wait - be sure to come by for a visit to say Hi and to see the books.

Oh, yes - Happy Fall - It is now officially KNITTING SEASON!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

K-W`Knitters' Fair

We survived the Fair last Saturday in Kitchener-Waterloo. Thank you to all of you who stopped by and said Hi. It was great to see you. Doing a booth is a big commitment - lots of planning, loading the van, setting up, standing up all day, etc. - but it was great and we have booked for next year - hopefully the same booth location and also the booth next to it! We are being brave - aren't we! Have fun checking out some pictures of our adventure.

This is just some of what we took!
A very full van - I think it had expandable sides!

Our booth with lots in it!
The other side of our booth - it was very full and everyone loved it!

Linda was the cashier, Edwina was our friendly helper and myself - I guess that I was just me - doing a bit of everything!
Everything has been unpacked and the shop is pretty well back to normal.
Hope to see you soon.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finished Cardi & K-W Knitters' Fair

Linda recently finished knitting this fabulous cardigan that is on display in the shop. Some of you may already have seen it. She kind of wishes that it would turn cool - guess it has- so that she can wear it!

Linda used another one of Berroco's super yarns - Blackstone Tweed KW. This yarn is a combination of soft wool, superkid mohair and angora rabbit hair. With that combination of fibres - it just has to be extremely soft and luxurious and it is!. Interestingly enough it also has a slightly rustic look which is very appealing. Linda had a hard time deciding what colour to use but ended up  choosing charcoal grey which is very versitile. Admire it and feehopefully  willinspired to make  this cardigan using BlackstoneTweed KW for yourself or some one special. There is a Berroco book dedicated to this particular yarn or you can use any pattern that calls for KW yarn. Blackstone Tweed KW would also be great for hats, mitts, scarves, etc.

Busy, busy busy!!! - that is what we are at the shop. We have spent a lot of time getting ready for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters' Fair being held this Sat.- Sept.11th. First of all deciding to put a booth in the fair was a huge decision. Then deciding "what" to take and how much to take! Suppliers did not always co-operate - so some changes had to made at the last minute. By the time you receive this post - we will be very busy packing Linda's van - sure hope it is big enough - maybe it has expandable sides like suitcases do!  We will be setting up the booth Friday evening, driving back to town, then back up to K-W for 8:00 am Sat. morning. When the show closes at 4:30, we have to pack up everything - unless we sell it all!- and head back to Georgetown. Then unload Linda's van, so she can head home to Brampton. Sure sounds like a busy but fun time. If you are attending the show - be sure to come by and say Hi! We are in the ballroom - booth #24!

Remember we are closed Sat. September 11th - for the show! But we will be open on Mondays again starting on Sept. 13th. If you drop by on the 13th , I  might put you "to work" helping to put every thing back where it belongs!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow, it is September already!

Happy September to all of you. As I am doing this post - it is very hot and muggy - not at all like September usually is. Most of us do love the summer and do not want it to end. From a knitting shop owners' point of view - bring on the cool weather - knitting weather! Do not blame me if it gets cooler over the weekend, as a change in weather is forecast.

I hope that you have found time to read our newsletter that we sent you recently. It is good reading and very inspiring - new yarns, lots of workshops, etc.

Well, in the last post I promised to send you a picture of a new yarn that had just arrived. I also kind of teased you about its name. Think cool - no cold weather - it is call Snowdrops by Sirdar.

You can see the wonderful colours in this softly textured chunky yarnn. It knits up quickly on a 6 mm needle but does not feel "chunky"! Be sure to come in and see our shop sample - a cute little girls' mauve caridigan. I forgot to take a picture - oh well. This yarn will not make you "snowy" as you knit - it will make you feel nice and cozy.

The Labour Day long weekend is almost here - have a fun, safe weekend and hopefully find time to relax and pick up your knitting needlesand crochet hooks.