Thursday, September 27, 2012


Happy Fall to all of "Ewe"!
You know it is Fall when the store is very full - almost overflowing - 
with n"ewe" yarns, patterns, books, gadgets and more.
I know that many of "ewe" have been waiting for my Namaste order to arrive - it is here!

 These are the wonderful circular knitting needle cases in super fashion colours. 
They will help you get your circular needles under control - what a great idea!
The smaller case is called a Skinny Mini - it is great to store you knitting gadgets in.
Oh Snaps
Oh Snaps (also by Namaste) are fun see-through bags to hold all your knitting/crocheting projects.
They come in two sets - one set has 3 bags - the purple ones
and the other set has 2 bags -the pink ones.
They also come in grey and red.
How many times have you stored your project in a plastic grocery bag or what ever and you can not find you project because you cannot see it.
Or your needles poke through the plastic bag and you lose them.
These bags are your solution - and they look so nice also!
I will likely be placing another
Namaste order in October - so let me know what you need!

Our new order of Hedgehog Fiber is on its way!

We will be closing at 3:00 on Friday October 12 
and closed all day Saturday Oct 13.
We are having a booth 
Woodstock Fleece Festival.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall has arrived in the shop

Fall does not official arrive until Saturday but Fall has arrived in the shop!
This display shows all the n"ewe" yarns that arrived so far this Fall
- thick  - thin - fashion - self patterning - unspun - 
a rainbow of colours - all textures imaginable
Wraps and shawls continue to be the major fashion statement for this season and the next.

The one orange toned shoulder wrap is called Silky Shoulders by Sweaterkits.
I knit it using one skein of Silk Jewel.

The mauve triangular shawl is called Skein of Geese
Linda knit it using one skein Hedgehog Fibre Sock.

The large green/blue wrap is called Colour Affection.
 I knit it using 2 skeins of The Dye Guy Socky-Talky 
and one skein of Plymouth Sakkie.
Misti Alpaca has done it again with this beautiful hand dyed yarn called Qolla. It is a knitting worsted yarn.
The colours are very unique.
 I can think of so many projects that I would love to use this yarn for
- hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters mitts .....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thanks to all of"ewe"

On Saturday we had a very busy day as a vendor at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair.
Thanks to all of "ewe" 
who stopped by to say Hi and who supported us.
Actually it started being busy many weeks ago - deciding what to take, making samples, ordering supplies, deciding how to display items, packing everything up for the show, loading the van, unloading the van at the show, setting up the display, standing all day, packing up again and loading the van, unloading at the shop, putting everything in order at the shop!
Wow, I am tired just mentioning all the above but we had a great day!
This is our 20' by 10' booth which was very full with lots of wonderful finds. 
I guess you could call it a mini Georgetown Yarn shop!

The yarn featured on the green display behind us is the 
Hedgehog yarn 
I mentioned in last weeks post.
We pretty well sold out of all of it at  the show but do not worry -
 I did another large order earlier this week for the same - Fingering, Blue Faced DK and Yak 
plus some lace weight - Cashmere Lace, Blue Face Lace and Kidsilk lace.
The down side it will likely be almost a month before it arrives from Cork Ireland. That is actually pretty good as it is all hand dyed especially for us and then has to swim across the ocean.
Most hand dyed take up to 2 or 3 months to get you what you order - way too long!
I will let you know when it is here!
A special thanks to Linda for all her hard work this past weekend. 
Yes - we were both still smiling at the end of the day - but we had very tired feet!
Now busy at the shop getting it back in order and unpacking more boxes of n"ewe" yarn and books.
Just a teaser - more fingering yarns, chunky yarns, lots of patterns +++
I will post pictures next week of these n"ewe" items.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hedgehog is here!

We are really excited to show you this beautiful hand dyed yarn from 
Hedgehog Fibres from Dublin Ireland.
When Linda was in Dublin in June - she found this wonderful "one lady" dyeing company. 
She fell in love with the yarn, bought some, showed me, and we just got our first shipment.
We are the only store in Canada with it 
- actually there are only 4 yarn shops in the whole world carrying this yarn!

Blue Faced DK
Blue Faced DK has wonderful colours with a lovely feel and twist to the yarn.
It is a great weight of yarn for so many projects.
Fingering Yarns

Hedgehog Fibres Sock is a fingering weight that is great for socks, shawls or what ever
- look at all the great colours!
The brown skein in the front is
Hedgehog Fibres Yak
It is also a fingering weight yarn - very soft and is the natural colour of the yak.

Remember we are closing early today - Friday -  at 3:00 and will be closed all day tomorrow as we are having a booth at the K-W Knitter's Fair.

**Starting next week - we are open again on Mondays!**