Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Sitting in the sun during afternoon break

I had a special knitting weekend last weekend.
 I attended a
knitting retreat in Gananaque - just past Kingston.
I roomed with Deb Gemmil of
Cabin Fever fame.
 Lots of good company, excellent instructors, too much good food and absolutely beautiful knitting.
What more can I say!
Friend and Tunsian Crochet Instructor Julia Bryant

We are a cable!
Super friend and instructor Fiona Ellis
I was able to share my shop with everyone.
This thick interesting yarn is called Link and it is amazing.
It looks like I-cord and every one thinks that you have knit it but you haven't.
 You "just knit" with it as it is and you have a wonderful scarf before you know it.

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