Thursday, May 30, 2013

scarves and little girls dress

Every where you look you see lovely scarves draped around the neck of t-shirts, sun dresses, jackets.
 They make such a super fashion statement and are so quick and easy to knit.

We have several fun "fashion" yarns for making scarves.
Shine (top left sample) has been very popular so we just keep getting more of it in the shop.
Isis (top right sample) is a ribbon yarn which knits up very quickly and is new.
Caprice has a slight sheen in very pretty colours - also new
Festa is slightly thick/thin and very light weight all at the same time - also new

You can knit one of these simple scarves up in a few evenings and be ready for the summer.

Every little girl would love a
hand knitted dress to wear year round.
This cute dress was knit using 
Jil Eaton CottonTail yarn. 
It is knit in one piece from the bottom up to the armholes.
You can make it for your 6 month old up to your 24 month special little girl.

Wednesday June 12th here at the shop.
See previous post or pop in to the shop for details.
Hope to see "ewe" & your fibre friends on the 12th.

Also remember, 
we will be 
 for June, July and August

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Bunting and WWKIPD

If you heard the words "Baby Bunting" - I am sure that words such as babies, soft, and cuddly would come to mind.
Well, we have a n"ewe" yarn in called Baby Bunting and once you see and feel it you definitely think - baby, soft and cuddly.
I am sure you would also think that you have to make this blanket now.
This yarn comes in 5 delightful colours with more colours due later in the summer.
It only took 3 balls of Baby Bunting to make this blanket (thanks Linda!)
 and the pattern is on the label plus another baby blanket pattern.
I think an adult size version of this blanket would be a super idea!

WWKIPD - World Wide Knit In Public Day
Mark you calendars now!
Wed. June 12 - 11 - 3:00 ish or whenever.
Bring your chair - so we can sit outside in the public
Bring a project to work on
Bring your lunch
 Drinks and snacks will be provided
optional - bring "something" to share
Please donate
 stash yarn for our community knitting projects and food bank donations
and receive a "special" discount!
 in-store specials, door prizes, demonstrations and knitting/crocheting support

Hope to see "ewe" on Wed. June 12th!

Summer Hours
June - July - August
Closed on Mondays

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liberty Wool and Earrings

They did it again! 
Two more great new colours for 
Classic Elite Liberty Wool Print
The top colour is called Sugar Spun.
The bottom colour is called Floral Hallucination.
- just image the beautiful projects that you could make using this yarn.
We have about 15 other colours in Liberty Wool Print.

Local artist and friend - Mary Meredith - is making us wonderful earrings.
They look like a little ball of yarn with knitting needles.
They are so... cute.

They come as studs and fish hooks.
The earrings are silver and gold plated and nickel free.
We have over 12 different colours for you to admire and pick from.
How about a pair to match each outfit! or a pair for a special knitting friend!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SockItToMe and Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday
and it is certainly not too late to "drop the hint" that you would love
a special gift for Georgetown Yarn
(rather than another "whatever"!)
Here are some great ideas that I know would make you very happy!
 yarn, yarn and more yarn
 needles, needles and more needles - think interchangeable sets
gadgets of all sorts
 yarn bowls
shawl pins
project bags
blocking wires and board
yarn swift and ball winder
or even a
Gift Certificate 
would be wonderful!

I bet it is quite a long time since you heard someone say - Sock It To Me!!
Believe it or not  SockItToMe is the name of a n"ewe" yarn that we are carrying
I have finished knitting the Rollercoaster Triangle - free on line pattern.
It used one ball of  SockItToMe and it was fun to knit.
This is a self pattering yarn with a long repeat. 
This is how it goes:
the very  narrow end on the right is the cast on edge, 
the curved edge at the top is the increase edge,
 the edge at the bottom to the right is the decrease edge 
the edge at the bottom to the left is the cast off edge.
Once you get going it is easy to figure it out.
Other great yarns we have that you could use are Magico and Zauberball
because they also have a long repeat.
If you want a more gentle look to it - we have a wall full of choices.
I am sure that you could use any weight yarn and make your own "one of a kind" triangle.

This triangle drapes so nicely and would be a great accessory for your wardrobe.
Be sure to come in and check out our great colours.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knitters Frolic and new books

Thanks to all of "ewe" who dropped by to say hi or to shop with us at the Frolic.
 It was a fun and very busy day.
Some of the "stuff" ready to go to the Frolic
The pink gals!
Our Caribou Critters were very popular.
Thanks to Liz for lending us her monkey and her bear.
An aerial view of our booth

Every one loves knitting and crocheting books - here are some n"ewe"ones!

 All of your special babies and "babies to be" need a new blanket.
60 Quick Baby Blankets
Baby Diagonal Aran Afghans
Crocheted Snugglers
You will find all kinds of wonderful designs using various weights of yarn.
The blankets are so cute - some are knit and some are crocheted - so take your pick!

What a great name for a book - full of lots of super projects.

 Hope to see "ewe" soon!