Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bags and Pins

Believe it or not - I am not going to show you any n"ewe" yarns today. 
Instead I am going to show you 2 n"ewe" products that are exclusive to our shop.

Colourful Knitting Bag

What a great knitting bag!
It is not too big or not too small and it is waterproof.
 When I was  in  Panama in February, I put my non waterproof knitting bag down and guess what - it got wet and so did my knitting inside.
Nothing was damaged but it could have been.
These bags come in fun colours and have a draw string top.
You could use them for anything but I think for knitting is a super idea!

Val's Shawl Pins

One day one of my customers - Val - was wearing some lovely earrings.
 I commented on how attractive they were.
She proudly told me that she created them.
I asked what else she makes in the jewelery line and she mentioned other items including shawl pins.
I was looking for some lovely new shawl pins for the store - so the rest is history.
The pictures shows some of them - we have lots more wonderful designs.

They are unique designs using high quality copper and semi-precious gemstones.
Think of one as a "gift" to you or a special gift for someone you love.
This pins can be used in many ways - to hold a shawl or scarf in place or just for decoration.
Val is from Brampton - so purchasing one of her pins would be a great way to" shop local".
Please note that they are "cash only " purchases.

if you see construction at the front door of the shop - park out back and come in the back door as
we will be open!

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