Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet new knitter!

I just had to send you this picture and introduce you to Bronwyn.

Her Grandma Jean, who is one of our customers, sent us this darling picture of her new granddaughter. Bronwyn is only 2 weeks old. Jean knit the lovely blanket that Bronwyn is "snuggled" under. Coincidentally, the yarn that the blanket is knit with is Sirdar "Snuggly" Kisses DK. As you knit, the wonderful colour pattern appears - like magic. The yarn also comes in Skippy - blues, Hushed - greens, Giddy - mauves and Twiggy - browns. Don't you just love the colour names. I am sure that you have a dear little one that would just love to wrap in this wonderfully soft and "magic" yarn. Most of the patterns for Kisses start at newborn and go up to size 7. There are cardigan, sweaters, hats and more.

More yarn arrived today but we did not get a chance (forgot!) to take a picture of it - but we did manage to get it in the bins in the front room. I will give you a few hints about this new yarn - made by Sirdar, patterns for little ones to size seven, lots of designs, slightly textured, knits up quickly as it is chunky but does not look like it. Also, it is named for a weather condition. Have I got you curious yet?! I will send you a picture in my next post, tell you its' name and then you will have an opportunity to see it. Of course, seeing it first hand will make it even nicer for you, so be sure to drop by.

It is supposed to be a great weekend, so hope you have some time to relax and also knit/crochet.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow, another box of "surprises"!

Yes, another new yarn arrived this week. We took a picture of it still in the box so you could see it first hand as it arrived. We were not sure when we would have time to put  the yarn in the bins - and it looks great with the sun shining on it.

You will love this new yarn - Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in classic colours to suit every ones taste. It is an all season yarn - warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Note that it is a super wash merino yarn - very soft and easy care. Believe it or not - two of our customers reached in the box and bought a bag each before it was even displayed in the bins. You will now find it in the bins in the front room with the comfy couch.

Speaking of the comfy couch - why not sit down, relax and look through the 2 pattern books that support this yarn.
One of the books is called 9 to 5. It features 18 designs for  both boy and girl "in-betweeners", to old to be toddlers, to young to be teens. It also features patterns for KW, Aran and chunky weight yarns.

The other book is simply called Rialto. You will find 12 classic designs for both men and women such as cabled vests, a gently flared jacket, a shrug, cardigans and a hooded pullover.

Linda and I have been busy but having fun rearranging "things" in the shop to make room for all the new items. It is a challenge! Remember to make room for the "new" yarns - there are some great deals on some of the "old"yarns!

Have fun knitting and crocheting this weekend.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a super hot summer we are having. I hope that you have air conditioning where ever you are. When you feel cool - it makes for great knitting. It is lovely and cool here in the shop, so hope to see you. We have been quite busy the last few days with people starting their fall/Christmas knitting. Most of our fall yarns have arrived - earlier than usual - which is great!  A few more "surprises" hopefully will be arriving soon.

Knitting "projects" for babies and toddlers are fun to do in warm weather. The yarns are thinner, lighter and work up so nicely. In the picture you will see several projects that I am sure you would enjoy knitting. The poncho -  is made of a new yarn called Cupcake. We all love to eat cupcakes so I am sure that you would love to knit with this lovely soft yarn. It comes in 5 delicious colours and super fun patterns to knit.

The green pullover is knit with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

The pink yoked cardigan is knit with Sirdar Snuggly Crofter. It makes the wonderful colour changes as you "just" knit.

The cross-over cardigan is knit  with Viking Milk - yes Milk!

I am busy working on the newsletter and workshop list. Hopefully you will receive it before too long. Need to prove read it again, have Linda prove read it also, add some pictures and then it will be ready.

Happy knitting from Diane

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well, did any of you guess where I was in the pictures in the previous blog? Rather than keep you wondering - Bob and I went on a wonderful Mediterranean Cruise.

In the first picture I am sitting by the pool on the Grand Princess knitting. There were over 3000 passengers and I only saw one other lady knitting - and only one time. No one even came to speak to me while I was knitting - can you imagine that!

The large palace behind me is the royal palace of Monte Carlo in Monaco. We went on a tour of the palace but were not allowed to take pictures. The interior was very beautiful with many lovely tapestries on the walls.

I am knitting (well pretending to) in front of the Trevie Fountain in Rome.

We took a cable car ride to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and of course I had to take my knitting. You could see "forever" when you are up that high.

If any of you would like to see any more of my pictures, I have them on my computer at the shop - just ask and I would be pleased to show them to you.

Now back to the real world! New yarns and books are arriving all the time. It is hard to believe that it is August and "fall" is not far away.

This picture show a display of one each of many of our new yarns. Be sure to come in and check out this display directly ahead of you when you come in the door.

Berroco yarns and their super patterns are becoming more and more popular. We have in all their new fall patterns and several of their yarns.

Keep cool and keep knitting and hope to see you soon! Remember - we are still closed on Mondays.