Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy N"ewe" Year, KAl, etc

                               Happy N"ewe" Year - 2013 - to all of  "Ewe"
from this cute alpaca, Linda and myself.
I took this picture a couple of weeks ago at Spring Hill Alpacas farm located in Limehouse 
- just west of Georgetown..
We carry their wonderful alpaca yarn - it is so... soft and we are the only shop with it!

It is hard to believe that 2012 is nearly over. 
The time seems to fly by when we are busy knitting and crocheting and playing with fibre.
Just imagine if you thought about all the wonderful projects you have made this year - there would be miles of  yarn used and hours of creative productive time spent doing your favourite pastimes.

2012 has been a busy year at the shop - always n"ewe" yarns, patterns, gadgets and more.
Each day is a pleasure sharing all our "treasures" with each of "ewe".
Your happy faces are always a pleasure..
Crafters and creative people are so much fun to be around.
We have more kinds of yarn in the shop than ever before - which I am sure "ewe" have noticed!
We also now have Rovings for Thrum Mitts, spinning, drop spindling, needle felting, etc.
We are excited to be the only shop in Canada to carry Hedgehog Fibres from Ireland.
This yarn "flies" out of the shop almost as quickly as we put it on display.
Also, many of "ewe" have taken our interesting workshops.
Speaking of workshops - we are offering a n"ewe" one
 Drop Spindling 
 - learn how to make your own yarn - in February - it is easy and fun - let us know if you are interested.

We are excited that we held our first KAL and made beautiful shawls.
Our  n"ewe" KAL (knit a long) is starting on Monday January 14th in the afternoon.
"Ewe" we have fun learning how to do the Shadow Box Mitts.
Come in to see our mitt samples, register and find out what your homework is!

Wow, I could go on and on about the shop as I love it so much.
It is a lot of work - deciding what yarns, etc to have in the shop, colours, displays, orders, ...
but it is a joy to come to "work" every day.
Your thoughts and comments are very important - so let us know if there are yarns, products, workshops, etc.,  that you would like to see in the shop.

Be sure to keep posted for exciting "things" to be happening in the shop in 2013!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

N"ewe" KAL and Hedgehog Fibres

Just wanted to share with you the news article and pictures in the Georgetown Independent this week. 
I submitted these pictures to share with the community how special
 you all are for taking such an active part in Let's Blanket Halton
I know that printing in the article is small but the important thing is
 to let everyone know that  there were over 130 blankets - 6300 squares - made by you
 and that they were all donated locally.
Thanks again to all of you for keeping our community warm.
Keep knitting and crocheting as this is a year round project. 

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only a few days away. 
Sure hope you have all your knitting and crocheting gift giving projects finished. 
I am all set to go!
Once the rush of the holidays is over, it is a great time to start planning new projects. 
We will be holding a Shadow Box Mitten KAL 
starting on 
Mon. Jan 14th  from 1:00 to 2:30ish!

These mitts are very warm, look very difficult - but they are not.
You will be learning a new technique as you knit them.
There are a few easy "rules" for being part of our KAL:
1. PLEASE let us know you are joining us - first come first served - space is limited
2. PLEASE support our shop for your KAL supplies - we will provide a free pattern
3. PLEASE do your homework before the first class!! or else!!!
4. Even if you have done these mitts before - come and join us for knitting and friendship.
We just got another order of the wonderfully popular Hedgehog Fibres!
Our 3rd order in 3 months! Everyone loves it!
N"ewe" Pure Cashmere Lace Colours
Concrete - Dove - Whisper
 N"ewe' Fingering/Sock colours
- too many to list but a few are copper penny,
sour cherry, 
silence, nutmeg, hurricane
You will have to come in and see if you can guess what colours these are.
We have a lovely shawl knit by Linda at the shop to inspire you.
N"ewe" colours BFL Dk
Opalite - Wish - Whisper
There is now a sample garment knit by Diane in the shop knit using this beautiful yarn.
N"ewe" colours Kidsilk Lace
Thunder - Medusa - Down by the River- Merlot -Poseidon
We have a cozy cowl knit by Linda at the shop.

Merry Christmas to all
Hope you find time to relax and have fun knitting and crocheting.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are your needles clicking!?

I bet they are! and also your crochet hooks are likely very busy.
I have noticed that besides scarves a lot of people are coming in for patterns for headbands and cowls. Linda knit up this quick headband project using Misti Alpaca Qolla
It is so soft and would keep your ears very cozy.

Can you guess how many blankets are in this pile? 
I guess a good answer would be alot! These are the blankets made by you - our wonderful customers.
They were donated this week to Georgetown Salvation Army, Links2Care and Halton Women's Place.
There are over 130 of them! Way to go - lets aim for 150 next year.

Knitters always love new books and these are our 2 newest.
Knitting for a Cure has 18 designs to offer support or encouragement.
Actually, these are great patterns for anyone.

Shades of Winter is full of stunning designs and the photography is captivating.

Watch for info on our new KAL (knit along) next week.

Well, keep knitting and crocheting and hope to see you soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy December and Quick Projects

I am sure you have had a busy weekend and week. 
I was busy in the shop, found time to do some Christmas cookie baking, time to knit and time to play with my spinning wheel and drop spindle.
Hope you noticed in out newsletter that we will be having 
drop spindle workshops in the new year. 
Also will be carrying some fibres for spinning and the drop spindle.
Let us know if you are interested in being part of our drop spindle workshops.
Hope you are - it is relaxing, easy and makes you feel so proud of what you have created!

Here are a few quick projects that can easily be done for  holiday gift giving.
Everyone Loves Sock Monkeys!
In these two books you will find lots of projects for all of your friends (or even yourself )
who love sock monkeys.

KnitCol is so colourful and delightful. 
It is a dk weight yarn - so the possibilities are limitless for using this yarn.
Because the yarn forms a pattern as you knit - you want to keep knitting and knitting to see the end results.
One ball of KnitCol made this cute hat!
Passion - the name of the yarn - not the cute sheep!
Passion is made by the same company as Marble Chunky 
- the yarn that you all have all used and love.
Again - one ball makes this fashionable cowl using the linen stitch.
It also looks great knit in to a sweater, scarf or what ever you wish.
More colours should be arriving any day.

Be creative with your knitting and crocheting!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas in the shop

I imagine that you are as busy as we are trying to get all your knitting and crocheting done for the holidays. There is nothing more lovely than giving or receiving a gift where every stitch is made with love.
The shop is full of more kinds of yarns than over for you too make such a gift.
Combine that with all the colours, textures and wow - 
we are like a "candy shop" for knitters/crocheters!

When you visit the shop you will be greeted by a festive wreath 
 on the front door adorned with balls of yarn.
 Once in the shop you will find lots of one and two ball project such as seen in the above picture.
hat made withMulberry Merino,
Mitts made with Woolie Bullie and Vintage DK
A large cozy cowl made with Bravo Big
 These are larger project and they are really beautiful. 
The Colour Affection Wrap on the left is knit with Socky Talky and Sakkie.
Skein of Geese shawl in the middle is knit with Hedgehog Fibre Fingering.
The tall display of yarn are kits from Sweaterkits to make a lovely lacy vest.
I know this picture has lots in it - so let me point some things out.
Top shelf - limited edition Soakboxes
that include a bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury hand creme, stylishly matched to premium nail polish, custom hand-dyed yarn and a pattern by Canadian knitwear designer Fiona Ellis.
Lower shelf - Namaste organizers for circular needles, gadgets, dp needles and more.

Hope to see "ewe" soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Knitalong and Fashion Yarn

Talk about fun - getting together + knitting along with new friends = KNITALONG!
 We had 9 keen knitters sign up for our first Knitalong - that is great and thanks so much. 
They are knitting the lovely Skein of Geese shawl that you can see in the picture. 
They sure are concentrating as Linda guides them.
Keep reading our blog to find out about our next Knitalong.

Rocio Plus

Scarves are like a piece of jewelry - you can never have too much and they add so much to an outfit.
Rocio Plus is a fashion yarn with medium size holes and a pretty edge.
Quick and easy to knit and makes a perfect hostess gift, friend gift or treat for yourself.

Christmas has arrived in the shop!
 Check our blog next week or better yet - come by for a visit!
Don't forget about our Wish List!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hedgehog Fibre Lace ++

As promised - here are some pictures of the 
Hedgehog Fibre Laces.
The picture does not do them justice - you have to come in and "pet it"!

Kidsilk Lace in at the top and Blue Faced Lace is at the bottom.
Both feel absolutely wonderful.

 This lovely Kidsilk Lace cowl was designed and knit by Linda.
 A little secret - in this picture it was only about have finished and it looks great.
Linda has completed it now and it looks more than great!
It is displayed in the shop. 
 For those of you who love to crochet - Wonderful Wearable Wraps - is for you!

All knitters love to learn more and better ways to do their favourite pastime. 

For sock lovers
The Sock Knitters Handbook or The Sock Knitters Workshop. Both are excellent and have lots of interesting ideas, tips and patterns

For learning other knitting skills
 Expanding Your Knitting Skills
There is so much to learn in the knitting world!

Don't forget about our Wish List!

2 n"ewe" fashion yarns just arrived! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Books and Wish List

It has been a busy week both in the shop and away from the shop. 
The postman has delivered lots of boxes of yarn, books, gadgets and much more. 
Our biggest challenge is finding spots for everything.
Below you will see some of the books that came in.
These three books for babies will keep you happy creating and make baby look ever so cute.
Knitted Booties for Tiny Feet has the cutest patterns for booties ever! They are quick and easy to make and a good way to try new techniques, etc.

 In case you have not noticed -cold weather is here. 
Snow Day Sets to Knit has a super selection of hats and mitts done on 2 and 4 needles.
Crochet Cowls - quick, easy and fashionable.
Wendy Knits Lace has a super selection of patterns using various weights of yarn.
The yarn in this picture is Hedgehog Fibre Cashmere Lace - so..... soft!
I have to admit - I forgot to take a picture of the other Hedgehog Fibre laces 
- Bluefaced Lace and Kidsilk Lace.
 Watch for the preview of them next week!

Oh yes, I was busy - attended a Knitter's Retreat last weekend. Lots of fun- took workshops, ate too much, laughed too much, got knitting done, etc.

Wish List - Gift Registry
Yes, we have one - just drop by the shop - fill it out - leave it here or take in home.
Everyone loves to receive knitting and crocheting gifts any time of the year!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hedgehog Fibres

We are so excited to have Hedgehog Fibres yarn! 
There are only 4 yarn shops in the world with it and we are one of them!!

Blue Faced DK -
Blue Faced is a kind of sheep that does not have a blue face!
Tops for Spinning, Drop Spindling, Needle Felting
Our Hedgehog Fibre display at the Woodstock Fleece Festival
On the left hand side of the picture are Hedgehog Fibres 3 lace weights -
 Pure Cashmere, Silk Merino and Blue Faced.
I will post a picture next time.
The colours are stunning and the fibres heavenly to feel.
Linda knit the lovely shawl in the centre of the picture 

using the Hedgehog Fibre fingering weight yarn.
We will be doing a
KAL (knit along) for this shawl starting on Tuesday November 13th.
Come to the shop, see our lovely sample up close
 - get your supplies and knit along with others all working on the same project at the same time with help from Linda if needed. 
There is no charge for the KAL.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 Months until Christmas

That is right - only 2 months to do all your knitting and crocheting for gift giving!
This is a super pattern book - 
Christmas Calender 
- everyday is a new design -  made in a really unique format.
It looks like a calender and there are 24 fun projects using various weights of yarn.
You will find - hats, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves,a  hot water bottle cover, Christmas ornaments and decorations, baby booties and more.

Looking for another quick and easy project?
Chalet by Classic Elite
This warm and cozy cowl was knit using ChaletThe yarn is a very soft alpaca and bamboo blend.
The 4 colours that it comes in are naturally undyed.
Thanks to Edwina for knitting this cowl for us - you only need 2 balls!

Lots of n"ewe" always arriving - so be sure to check the shop out regularly!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Woodstock and Mist

 We had a great time at the Woodstock Fleece Festival on the weekend. 
Thanks for dropping by. 
 lot of new people discovered our booth and hopefully they will become special customers
 - just like "ewe".
 We were chilly as a very large door was open to let other vendors in as we where setting up our booth.
Part of our 20' x 10'booth

A n"ewe" yarn for your knitting pleasure!

Mist by Twilleys of Stamford is a lovely superfine alpaca/wool/acrylic dk blend.
The colours are very "earthy" and there is super pattern support.
In their pattern book you will find hats, cowls, scarves and sweaters.
I finished this cowl last night and it only took two balls of Mist.
Cooler weather is coming!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

n"ewe", n"ewe" n"ewe"!!

 How are your fall and gift giving projects coming along? 
Hope you have started - if not you need to run in right away!
It is such a busy time of year trying to decide what to make for who. 
Everyday there seems to be n"ewe" items arriving at the shop. 
Below you will find samples of some of them.
Angora Merino
Regia has done it again with this lovely soft fingering weight yarn - Angora Merino 
and the pattern support is super. 
In this pattern book you will find sock, shawls, baby outfits, hats, scarves and more. 
 The top book has lots of hats made in super chunky yarns.
This translates - fast projects to knit and crochet.
Sounds good doesn't it!
The other book calls for chunky weight yarn.
You will find sweaters, hat, scarves, etc for kids and adults.
Knit Kards by Nancy's Knit Knacks
These handy plastic cards are your answers to so many questions.
You can get them individually or as a set.
Clip them to your project bag and you have info at your fingertips.
Info such as how to do various kinds of increases and decreases, yarn label guide,
perfect gauge swatch, etc.
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever - one of our favourite Canadian knitwear designers has done it again with their newest book 
Need a Plus Cardigan?
Their patterns are always extremely well written.
This book covers sizes 44" to 61" and you can use any weight of yarn.
Remember the shop is closing early today 
- Friday Oct 12th at 3:00 
and closed all day tomorrow - Saturday Oct 13th 
as we have a booth at the Woodstock Fleece Festival.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweaterkits and books

Happy October!
It is really knitting and crocheting season now!
Sweaterkits has done it again with a wonderful n"ewe" kit.
It is an easy knit one piece vest called a Ruana
The kit includes their wonderful hand dyed Alpaca/Merino and their Silk Whisper.
Sweaterkits is an Ontario company with lots to offer.
We also have their Silk Whisper Wrapper (cowl/scarf), 
their Light as Air Shawl
and their Silk Jewel yarn and patterns.

Another great book by Berroco - as you can see lots of great patterns for babies and toddlers.

Woodstock Fleece Festival
We will be closing at 3:00 on Friday October 12 and closed all day Saturday October 13
We will be having a booth at the festival.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Happy Fall to all of "Ewe"!
You know it is Fall when the store is very full - almost overflowing - 
with n"ewe" yarns, patterns, books, gadgets and more.
I know that many of "ewe" have been waiting for my Namaste order to arrive - it is here!

 These are the wonderful circular knitting needle cases in super fashion colours. 
They will help you get your circular needles under control - what a great idea!
The smaller case is called a Skinny Mini - it is great to store you knitting gadgets in.
Oh Snaps
Oh Snaps (also by Namaste) are fun see-through bags to hold all your knitting/crocheting projects.
They come in two sets - one set has 3 bags - the purple ones
and the other set has 2 bags -the pink ones.
They also come in grey and red.
How many times have you stored your project in a plastic grocery bag or what ever and you can not find you project because you cannot see it.
Or your needles poke through the plastic bag and you lose them.
These bags are your solution - and they look so nice also!
I will likely be placing another
Namaste order in October - so let me know what you need!

Our new order of Hedgehog Fiber is on its way!

We will be closing at 3:00 on Friday October 12 
and closed all day Saturday Oct 13.
We are having a booth 
Woodstock Fleece Festival.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall has arrived in the shop

Fall does not official arrive until Saturday but Fall has arrived in the shop!
This display shows all the n"ewe" yarns that arrived so far this Fall
- thick  - thin - fashion - self patterning - unspun - 
a rainbow of colours - all textures imaginable
Wraps and shawls continue to be the major fashion statement for this season and the next.

The one orange toned shoulder wrap is called Silky Shoulders by Sweaterkits.
I knit it using one skein of Silk Jewel.

The mauve triangular shawl is called Skein of Geese
Linda knit it using one skein Hedgehog Fibre Sock.

The large green/blue wrap is called Colour Affection.
 I knit it using 2 skeins of The Dye Guy Socky-Talky 
and one skein of Plymouth Sakkie.
Misti Alpaca has done it again with this beautiful hand dyed yarn called Qolla. It is a knitting worsted yarn.
The colours are very unique.
 I can think of so many projects that I would love to use this yarn for
- hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters mitts .....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thanks to all of"ewe"

On Saturday we had a very busy day as a vendor at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair.
Thanks to all of "ewe" 
who stopped by to say Hi and who supported us.
Actually it started being busy many weeks ago - deciding what to take, making samples, ordering supplies, deciding how to display items, packing everything up for the show, loading the van, unloading the van at the show, setting up the display, standing all day, packing up again and loading the van, unloading at the shop, putting everything in order at the shop!
Wow, I am tired just mentioning all the above but we had a great day!
This is our 20' by 10' booth which was very full with lots of wonderful finds. 
I guess you could call it a mini Georgetown Yarn shop!

The yarn featured on the green display behind us is the 
Hedgehog yarn 
I mentioned in last weeks post.
We pretty well sold out of all of it at  the show but do not worry -
 I did another large order earlier this week for the same - Fingering, Blue Faced DK and Yak 
plus some lace weight - Cashmere Lace, Blue Face Lace and Kidsilk lace.
The down side it will likely be almost a month before it arrives from Cork Ireland. That is actually pretty good as it is all hand dyed especially for us and then has to swim across the ocean.
Most hand dyed take up to 2 or 3 months to get you what you order - way too long!
I will let you know when it is here!
A special thanks to Linda for all her hard work this past weekend. 
Yes - we were both still smiling at the end of the day - but we had very tired feet!
Now busy at the shop getting it back in order and unpacking more boxes of n"ewe" yarn and books.
Just a teaser - more fingering yarns, chunky yarns, lots of patterns +++
I will post pictures next week of these n"ewe" items.