Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shawl and Fibre Fest

I had a birthday recently and received some lovely knitting and "sheepy" related gifts.

This lovely shawl was knitted for me by Linda -
 I was so surprised - it is a work of art and I love it.
Surprise - it has pink in it! 
Knitters always really appreciate it when they receive a knitted gift.

My best friend Marie does not knit!! -  but she keeps me supplied with "sheepy" things. 
This year there was a set of sheep shaped salt and pepper shakers - one black sheep and one white sheep, a pair of socks with sheep on them, some cute little clothes pegs with a sheep decoration on them and a very little fluffy sheep.

On Sunday, Kelene, Lorraine and I went to a Fibre Fest near Grimsby. 

Lots of sheep
Lots of alpaca - this one needs its bangs trimmed
Shearing Alpaca - look at all that fibre!
Alpaca really skinny now

There was also sheep herding with border collies, angora bunnies and fluffy little chicks.
There were vendors selling wool,  spinning demonstrations and more.
Also vendors selling beeswax candles, honey, juices and home made ice cream. The ice cream was yummy - wonder how I know!
You could buy lunch and there was going to be a cooking demonstration but we decided to move on.
It was a fun way to spend a few hours.

Summer hours start next week!
Closed on Mondays - rest of the hours the same!

Only one more week to
 Knit in Public - June 9th -
here at the shop - 11 - 3!

Come for the day or drop in for a visit!
See you then!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wonderful fibres and colours

Wonderful fibres and Colours - who could ask for more!
These two pictures are of the wonderful "treats" on the table by the couch in the front room.
They feel as wonderful as they look!
At the front of this picture is Silk Jewel by Sweaterkits.
 It is a hand dyed Silk Mulberry yarn with small beads. 
You can make stunning scarves, wraps with Sweaterkits patterns.

The yarn directly behind it is also by Sweaterkits
It is a kit - 2 balls of hand dyed yarn - Whisper and Silky Mulberry
When knitted together it makes a shawl/wrap called Light as Air.
These yarns are all hand dyed by Carolyn, the owner of Sweaterkits,
located the other side of Toronto.

In the next basket is Zephyr Lace - a lace weight yarn.
Its fibre content is silk and merino and it is so...  very light. 
The Flower Pattern
This is my finished scarf - very beautiful - if I say so myself!
There is a series of patterns to go with this yarn designed 
by Ann of Queen Anne's Lace - a talented Toronto designer.
The two baskets of yarn in this front picture are hand dyed by Jane of Dye Version,
- a small Mississauga company.
One basket has fingering weight bamboo yarn in it
and the other has fingering sport weight bamboo yarn in it.
The colours are stunning and Jane has done several patterns for using her yarn.

** Knit in Public Day
 is Sat. June 9th here at the shop! **
Drop by between 11 and 3 or come and spend the day!
Bring a friend and your knitting/crocheting!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Knitted Accessories and WWKIPD

Summer knitted accessories?! - for sure! - think light weight scarves, shawls and wraps.
We just got in three n"ewe" yarns for you summer knitting and wearing pleasure!

Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova is related to our very popular Ondas and as you can see - we have some great summer colours.

Portofino is a light weight, textured yarn that knits up  very quickly.
I cast on 12 stitches using a 9 mm needle and my scarf was done in no time at all!
La Playa
La Playa is a cotton blend in either pastel colours or bright colours.

World Wide Knit in Public Day 
Saturday June 9th 
Join us as we knit with hundreds of other knitter and crocheters
 around the world on the same day!
Where:   Georgetown Yarn 170 Guelph St
               More info - 905-877-1521
               Rain Location - in the shop
When:     Between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Bring:      Project, chair, lunch, water, sun screen, etc.....
Optional: Stash yarn for donation for our community knitting and food bank donation
Demonstrations, games, prizes. goodies and more!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The year of "orange"!

You read in our newsletter that orange is the colour of the year
 It is hard to believe how many colours of orange that there are
 - from soft coral to bright crayon orange. 
This program has limited colour choice - I think you get the message!

Display showing lots of oranges 

Both shawls are knit from Sweaterkits - a local company - the other side of Toronto.
The one on the left is hand dyed silk with beads on the yarn. 
The one on the right is hand dyed silk and mohair.
We have a super collection of colours at the present time.
Mystery bags - can you guess what is in them!!

I was at a suppliers on Sunday and this is the result - yarn, yarn and more yarn
- actually 9 n"ewe" ones for you knitting and crocheting pleasure.
They are all arranged in the shop now. 
There are nice ones for knitting summer scarves, shawls, etc.
Note - a new ruffled yarn - Bossa Nova - similar to Ondas in summer colours.
Also  some n"ewe" medium, chunky and super chunky yarns.

I will highlight them in the next few blogs but if you are really curious - drop in for your own special preview!
I saw lots of great new scarf yarns for the fall and have a few pictures of them 
- will not arrive until mid summer.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Knitter's Frolic

Thanks to all of "ewe" who visited us at our booth at the Knitter's Frolic.
 It was a busy weekend but all worth it. Actually it was busy for weeks before deciding what to take, having enough stock, how to display it, etc. .....
A very full van
Sorry Linda about the back view - but I wanted to show us setting up!!
Ready for the arrival of lots of knitters and crocheters
We sold lots of every thing to so many great customers.
 Everyone was so happy to be surrounded by so much yarn, wool, etc.
Our new larger yarn bowls were a huge hit! 

The shop is pretty well back in order - so looking forward to seeing you soon.