Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shop "Samples" Sale

First Ever
“Samples” Sale!

  This is not an April Fool's Joke

We are having our first ever Shop “Samples” Sale during the month of April.

We have sorted through our hand knit shop “samples

and are offering them to you at excellent prices!
This is a super chance to have a lovely hand knit item that you do not have to knit
- but was knit by us with love!

This picture shows baby and children's sweaters but there are also hat, scarves and adult sweaters.

Here is a new kit in that I am excited to share with you.

Gauntlet Kit

Everyone love gauntlets, fingerless gloves or what ever you wish to call them.
Our Gauntlet Kit contains one ball of Zephyr DK
 - a lovely silk/merino blend and of course the pattern.
The cuff is worked in entralac - an interesting, easy and intriguing technique.
The joy of these and other similar patterns is that they are quick to make.
Also great to wear for so many reasons - texting, driving or to make a fashion statement.
A few of our customers are wearing them while they knit - keeps their hands warm and prevents cramping and tiredness in their fingers - what a great idea!

Hope to see you soon.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smiley Stripes, flat yarn swift

What do you think of this snow?
It is supposed to be spring but I guess no one told Mother Nature.
 If you want to feel happy - be sure to drop by.
We have lots of wonderful "things" to make you feel happy!

Fun colours for girls and boys
The name of this yarn  - Smiley Stripes - makes you smile.
You will also be smiling as you knit and watch the colours change with each stitch.
It is not just for kids.
It would make a lovely summer top for you!


Flat yarn swift

We have just received this new kind of
Yarn Swift.
It is really nice because
- it is easy to put together
- does need to be clamped on to a table
 - it is easily adjustable.

See you soon! Be Happy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Wedding

Woolly Windsors: Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Harry, William and Kate, the Queen, Prince Philip and the corgis give a balcony wave

I know that this is not my usual posting day - but I just had to send you this!

The Royal Wedding is a little over a month away - April 29th.
That gives you more thatn enough time to knit your own Royal Wedding!

Go the the link below to read all about it.

Happy Knitting,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ruffled yarns

Everyone loves to be "in fashion"!
Wearing a ruffled scarf is a sure way of doing so!
You will definitely make a "statement" when you wear your ruffled scarf.
Be prepared to have your scarf admired every time you wear it.
People are amazed when you tell them you made it.
Remember, knitting is a talent - do not tell them how easy it was! 





A special thanks to Edythe for lending us her scarves for display.
They are so stunning!
N"ewe" ruffled yarns  
are arriving all the time!
Salsa just arrived - same idea but a bit different! Watch for picture in next blog.
I will also put some pictures of Tul in next time.

Be sure to drop in and pick out your favourite colours - they are selling very quickly!

Have fun making ruffles!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"March" in the shop

March can be a kind of dreary time of month - but it is very cheery here in the shop.
You will find N"ewe"  items attractively displayed among the green shamrocks.

In this picture you will see a lovely Molly scarf knit by Irene.
 It is made of Classic Elite Liberty Print wool.
We have 9  beautiful colourways.
Each month we receive 2 n"ewe" colours of this yarn.
 Be sure to come in and see them.

Kind of hiding behind the scarf, you will also see lots of n"ewe" colours of Silky Merino by Sweaterkits.

In the wire baskets is the n"ewe" yarn called Jeanie by Peter Pan..
Fun colours and fashionable patterns.

Check out my Panama Shawl.
I am calling it that as I knit it when I was in Panama.
It is make of Katia Temis and it is "just knit".
 It is the interesting thick and thin yarn which makes it look like you did lace knitting.

The little girls cardigan is made of Smiley Stripes by Sirdar.
 It is self striping and comes in 'boy" and "girl" colours.
Linda's Swallowtail Shawl made using Malabrigo Sock still continues to be admired.
 Quite a few of our customers are working on their own creations.

I will share with you more info on these n'ewe' yarns, in later posts - so be sure to watch for them.

Remember our Green Coloured Sale continues until March 17th.

Believe it or not - Spring is coming!!
Have fun knitting and crocheting
from Diane

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy "Green" Month + Sale

Happy "GREEN" Month


will be on SALE at 10% off
from now and  including St. Patrick’s Day.

Come in and have fun shopping for GREEN!

continue reading to see what else is n"ewe"!

"House Mouse " mouse pads

Your mouse needs a special House Mouse Knitting mouse pad.
They are so cute!
Let everyone at work, at home, etc that you love to knit.

Lollipop, Sprinkles, Jellybeans, Confetti

Greet new colours in Berroco Sox yarn.
The first three colour names are yummy and the last name is pretty!

Have fun knitting and crocheting!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A work of Art!

Even though it is now March - we can likely still expect some snow and cold weather but there is a great solution for enjoying this weather  -  keep knitting and crocheting!

Now think - cozy, warm, ....and a beautiful hand knit blanket.
Knitting a blanket is a cozy activity to do
and great entertainment for you during this in-between kind of weather.

I wanted to share with you this wonderful blanket that Janet created using
Berroco Comfort KW.
The pattern is one of  over 50 designs in the Berroco Comfort Knitting and Crocheting Afghan book.
Janet loves to do cables and she does such a perfect job every time.

I thought you would enjoy seeing a close up of picture of all the intricate twists and turns.
 I am sure you will agree that it is amazing work of art!
 It is not "just" knitted!!

When you feel the Berroco Comfort KW you will think cotton, silk, and other wonderful thoughts but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is actually made out of a high quality acrylic and microfiber blend. It is very smooth to knit with and the stitch definition is wonderful. We have this yarn is over 25 colours and their are specific books including patterns for babies, kids, adults and home decor. You can also use any KW pattern for this yarn. We also have Berroco Comfort Baby for your special babies.

This is a great weight of yarn to knit with - not too heavy and not too thin. How about trying some soon!

Three things to remember
- our Green Coloured Sale is now happening
 - lots of ruffled yarns have "arrived" and are "leaving" quickly!
Spring and Summer yarns are also arriving

Hope to see you soon.