Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy "Red" Month

It is February!
It is cold!
It is super KNITTING weather!
 I know I am a couple of days early - not quite February - but I also know you look forward to receiving our blog every Friday. So rather than being late - here I am!

Until I started to look around the shop, I did not realize how many RED things we have in stock.
Look closely and you will see 
RED yarn (of course)
RED Knit Happy water bottles, thermal mugs, notebooks
RED buttons
RED Knitkits and who knows what else.

 RED is such a warm and comforting colour.
 Be sure to come in to say Hi and get yourself some RED.

Even though it is cold outside, it is never to soon to think warm, spring, summer, etc.
With those thoughts in mind, you should also be thinking about knitting for the spring and summer.
 Many of the spring and summer knitted tops can be worn year round under a jacket,
so you can get double your value from them.

Spring and summer yarns and patterns are starting to arrive at the shop.
They make you feel so good when you look at them.You can dream about warmer weather as you knit.
We are having fun "playing" with the yarns and trying to find spots to display all that is new!
More about the new yarns later in the newsletter and the blog.

Don't forget to come in to get some RED.

PS. 8 bags of "ruffled" yarns arrived on yesterday and they are going to go fast!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Sock Yarn Colours

Need a Sock?

Everyone loves hand knit socks and this is the perfect book to use to create them.
Patterns are designed by our friends - Linda and Deb from Cabin Fever.
This sock book is the only one so you will ever need when knitting socks for your whole family.

A new supply of sock yarn in wonderful colours has just arrived.

Zauberball Crazy


Treking XXL - new colours

Check out the great colours - nice and bright to more muted, to a bit of pattern to lots of pattern - a colour for every one you know.
Also many colours are now back in stock due to popular demand.

Remember sock yarns are also super to use to knit shawls, scarves and fingerless gloves.
If you can knit it - you can use sock yarn!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is it?

Just an aside - In the Toronto Star on Thursday Jan. 13th, the front page of the Living Section was devoted to the joys of hand knit and other hand crafted items. They highlighted a hand knit aran sweater being sold at retail stores. They went on to point out the joys and benefits of hand knitting, etc. and how more people are doing it. Gosh, are they behind the times - we have know these things for ever!! Good article if you get a chance to read it. I have a copy here at the shop if you would like to read it.

Can you guess what "IT" is? For those of you who were at the Guild meeting last night, you will already know what "IT" is!

Just finished casting "IT" off! Looks like nothing on earth!

Blocking made "IT"  grew by 14' in width and 5" from top to bottom
What a difference! "IT" is now a "CITRON"!

Lace yarns for knitting "CITRON" or other lace items

CITRON is a free pattern on and is a pattern I have always wanted to knit. It is easy knitting - all stocking stitch with increase and decrease rows. I must admit that there are a lot of stitches (over 500) in each row of the ruffle. I used Classic Elite Silky Alpaca - 2 balls - the ones in the front of the basket in the picture.  On the label for this yarn it states reasons to knit with it - lovely softness and halo, subtle sheen, airy and light and warmth. I agree with all these statements.

You can also use Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Lace - 1 ball - the ones in the back of the picture. It is equally as nice as the Silky Alpaca and comes in a different colour range and a larger put up.
Can you imagine trying to wear this without blocking it? All I did was soak it in Eucalan for about 10 minutes and then spread it out carefully to dry. It dried in about 2 hours!

This was a fun, quick knit project to try particularly if you have never used lace yarn before. I am sure you agree that the CITRON is very pretty and would look nice being worn any time of the year.

PS. - SALE is still on - lots of super specials - more sale items just added!
       - a few bags of "ruffled" yarn just arrived and expecting more next week

Friday, January 7, 2011

Molly ?? is Finished!

Do you know what Molly is?
I will give you a couple of hints.

She was designed by Classic Elite.
She has many colours in each ball.
She is really pretty and easy to make.
She will keep your warm and cozy.

You will find the answer in the pictures below!

 Molly just born as a ball of Liberty Wool

 Molly half way done with some of her friends!

 Molly all finished

Molly is a fun and quick scarf to make. The yarn is a 100% super soft wool by Classic Elite.
There are only 4 rows to the pattern - what could be easier! Our scarf took only 3 balls but if you want Molly to wrap - you will need 4 balls.

There is a technique in this scarf called Short Rows which might be new to some of you but we are here to explain it to you if need be.

I am sure you know some one - maybe even yourself - who would love to wear their very own Molly!

Sorry, you cannot borrow mine - you need to create your own!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blankets, blankets and more blankets

Let's Blanket Halton
was a great success again this year!

Thelma - put lots of blankets together, Cathy from Links2Care, Officer from Georgetown Salvation Army and Me

Thanks to so many of you making squares and putting the blankets together
 we were able to donate over 120 blankets to local organizations this year.
The blankets where also donated to Halton Womans Place.

I am very proud to say that in the 15 years we have been doing this community project
we have donated  - on your behalf - over 1500 blankets in the community
 - also thousands of hats, mitts and scarves.

Way to go knitters and crocheters!!

We always need more yarn, knitters/crocheters and people to put the blankets together.

Hope to see you soon to help with
Let's Blanket Halton.