Friday, November 26, 2010

Knitting Accessory Jars

Our very talented local potter - Carolyn Filter - is at it again. I gave her an idea and she added her own special touch to it. As a result, we now have wonderful ceramic Knitting Tool Jars in the shop. Some are decorated with sheep and others with a ball of yarn. She has even made sets - a Knitting Tool Jar and a Knitting Yarn Bowl to match!

Take a look at the spot where you usually knit. I am pretty sure that most of you have your stitch holders, extra needles, hooks, pencil, etc - just lying about in a mess on the table. This is your chance to get organized. The Yarn Bowls and Knitting Accessory Jars look very attractive also.

Think before having a Knitting Accessory Jar and after having a Knitting Accessory Jar - isn't after just so much better? Doesn't being organized and being able to find your knitting tools make you feel good? Just think  - you can get more knitting and crocheting done because you are organized!

We also have Yarn Bowls in other colours and our customers love them. How many times have you chased your yarn across the floor?With your very own Yarn Bowl - you will never have to do that again!

Here are some more wonderful projects- fashionable scarves knit by Heather. We have such talented customers who love to use our interesting yarns.

Yang by SWTC
Yang comes in brown, black and mauve. If you look closely you will see little sequins in the yarn. How exciting is that.
Ondas and Rizos by Katia

Ondas and Rizos are two of our fashion yarns that are "flying" out of the shop - actually they have all flown out of the shop!! Hope to have more in before too long - which will still give you lots of time for Christmas knitting. Remember - these are quick projects.
Give us a call if you would like us to be in touch when more arrives. Another new yarn -Triana -which is similar to Ondas will be arriving at the same time.

Have fun knitting and crocheting.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Books, books and more books....

I mentioned last week that I was going to send out a few extra blogs so that you can enjoy all that is happening at the shop.

Everyone loves new knitting and crocheting books and a super new selection has just arrived. Books with lots of patterns for babies, kids, adults, accessosries, socks - I think there is a pattern for "whatever" you would love to knit!

Everyone loves knitting for babies!
Cute crochet patterns and 1,2,3 skein projects

socks = warm toes, cowls = cozy necks and cardigans = warm body
Many of our customers bring in their finished projects to show us. We love it when they do.
Here is another shawl made from Kraemer Fountain Hill. This yarn is so cozy and knits up very quickly. Thanks for sharing with us, Edythe!

There will be more books and more customer projects to inspire you in upcoming blogs.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sequins ruffles, frills & more

It is hard to believe all the "funky" fashion fibers and they just keep "finding their way"  through the shop door!! A new one arrived this week - read to the end of this blog to find out about it!!

Yang by SWTC
Sequins, wool, silk and bamboo all combine to make a wonderful yarn called Yang - love the name - by SWTC - South West Trading Company. The sequins are small but add that classic touch of glamour. One ball will make a statement scarf and knit up quickly.

Well, here are our very own ruffles - Rizos - knit by Diane and frills - Ondas - knit by Linda. These two yarns are selling very quickly - think a gift for Christmas or for yourself - because you are special also. Once they are gone will not have any more Rizos until the new year but hopefully more Ondas early in December. Hope you can drop by to see our samples.

Think very soft, Santa's beard, cute kitten - have you guessed what the yarn is yet? It is Angora! We have it in white as that is the colour our customers have been asking for.

Can you find the 2 scarves?
Glad you read this far - here is the new yarn!
Just imagine - it is the last week before Christmas and you still wish to make some wonderful gifts for your friends, neighbours, school teacher or whoever.  We have the quickest project ever. It is Ci Piace (the smaller version) and Solo 1 Minuto (the larger version). Soft, quick, fun and very cozy - all at the same time! You "just" finger knit the yarn and it is done!!

As we have so many wonderful new items arriving all the time - I hope to send out a few extra blogs so that I can keep you up to date with all that is new.

Don't forget to tell the gift givers that you know - that we have gift certificates - or you can come in and fill out a wish list and present it your gift giver.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Think "Fleecy"!

Yes, think "fleecy" - warm, cuddly and all those super words. Well, we now have in stock a "yarn" that you can use all those "feel good"words to describe.

PolarKnit "yarn" looks like you cut up your favourite fleece top in to long pieces and wound them in to a ball. We have this fun "yarn" in kits for delightful animal slippers - ladybugs, frogs and pigs, hat kits and sock kits. It is easy and quick to knit with and the end result is really neat.

Elegant copper bracelet knit by Linda
 I know you have all knit with yarns made of many different fibers. I bet that you have never knit with WIRE! Now is your chance! I am serious, as we now have wonderful Wired to Knit kits by Sweaterkits. Each kits makes a stunning necklace and bracelet. The kits include all you need - fine wire - copper or silver, small Czech glass beads, a large Czech bead to highlight the necklace, findings for both the necklace and bracelet and of course the pattern. Each kit is has slightly different beads and findings. All you need to add is needles and your time to knit up this beautiful set. Hopefully you would love to make a set for yourself for a special occasion, or make a set for a special friend or give a kit to a knitter and she can make her own. Have fun - try something new - you will amaze yourself and others! The kits have just come in and  are selling quickly.

 You know those fancy yarns that I sent you pictures of in our newsletter the other day
- well they are going, going and will be gone soon.
I talked to my supplier today and will not likely be able to have more in for about 3 weeks.
 I have sold over half of what I got in on Monday!!
 Everyone loves the scarves and they do look wonderful!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NEW is still arriving!

Do you believe it! 2 more new yarns found their way to the shop recently.

These are yarns with a sparkle - Sterling Silk and Silver has real silver in it!! I am not kidding - it really does! It is a very soft wool/silk blend in a fingering/sock weight. Use it to make a lovely shawl, scarf or even treat your toes to special luxury. More colours just arrived - rose/pink and mauve.

Fountain Hill Wrap knit by Ann
The other yarn is called Fountain Hill - not sure why - no fountains and no hills! but this yarn is a mohair blend with a bit a glitter. It is light weight and would make a very lovely shawl or scarf. Ann is a fast knitter and is letting us "borrow" her lovely wrap for awhile. Thanks so much! Be sure to come in and check it out before she decides she just has to wear it!

Cashmere Queen Fingerless (tweeting) gloves by Fay and Linda
 Time to brag on behave of another one of our customers and also Linda. Fingerless gloves are extremely popular because they are a small project and a super opportunity to use a luxury yarn such as Cashmere Queen. The green gloves were knit by Fay and the brown pair knit by Linda. This yarn comes in 6 classic colours which with go with "everything"! Fay liked the yarn and pattern (Cabin Fever) so much that she is now knitting her third pair.

These gloves would make a great gift for anyone - especially your "texting" friends.

Here are a few excellent reasons to knit/crochet -
#1 - Christmas is less than 2 months away
#2 - Cool weather and knitting/crocheting go together
#3 - Passes the time in a useful and fun way
#4 - Helps relieve stress
#5 - Fun to do
#6 - Instant entertainment
#7 - No calories are involved
#8 - Just because you love to knit/crochet - the best reason of all!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!!