Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Knitting!

I hope that you are enjoying this hot weather.
Wasn't that rain nice on Wednesday night!!

Bob and I have just returned from a Baltic Cruise
 - it was wonderful! 
Visited 7 countries and saw so many things that I never dreamt I would see.
Of course I took my knitting with me and even managed to visit a few yarn shops.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Found this lovely shop and had a nice visit. They also carried needlepoint, cross stitch and material.

Oslo, Norway
Norway is famous for their skiing and this larger than life Troll with his skis wanted to see me knitting!

I am knitting on my Wingspan 
- a very differently shaped wrap - which is now on display in the shop. 
It is a free Ravelry pattern.
I had pictures of me and my knitting taken in many strange places and did get some weird looks!

I will include more pictures of my trip and of my Wingspan next week.

The shop was well cared for by Linda while I was away.
 When you come for a visit you will see lots of  
n"ewe" signs around the shop.

Oh, by the way,
 I have put quite a few yarns on sale to make way for the n"ewe" Fall yarns!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sock book and flowers

I promised you pictures of my bright orange Girl Guide lilies - well here they are!

 really close up
a bit farther back
Can you count the number of blooms there are going
 to be on this one plant?
 Isn't it amazing!
I must have a green thumb.
 I water them regularly
sometimes tell them they are really pretty!!

Socks for Everyone
Knit Socks for All Seasons
is the name of our n"ewe"st sock book.
The designer describes the book as fabulous, fun footwear for any time of the year.
This book is a how to guide
 with 20 all n"ewe" knitting patterns
with photos, charts and illustrations.
The patterns have names related to the seasons such as
 Fresh and Quick - Spring
Flower Pattern - Summer
Fall Bouquet - Fall
Snow and Ice - Winter
I just checked our supply of sock yarn and there are nearly 150 balls in a wide range of exciting colours.

Happy Summer Knitting and Crocheting

Thursday, July 12, 2012

N"ewe Yarn, Think Pretty & Think Cute

Just arrived - this is the yarn we have been telling you about!
This yarn is very different and very easy to knit with.
It is a
Diamond Luxury Folie.
It comes in 4 prints - fall flowers as shown, leopard, alligator and zebra!

Thanks Ann for knitting our elegant scarf!
Think Pretty 
Flowers in my front garden These are Girl Guide lilies that I planted a number of years ago.They are a rather unique colour and look really pretty among the Phlox.
I have other Girl Guide lilies which are very, very bright orange but they are not quite in bloom yet.

Think Cute 
Pudgy PetsThese knitted toys make you smile!  You can make a bear, cat, dog, monkey or pig or all of them!
They are knit using Simplicity dk yarn which comes in lovely bright colours 
- much brighter than this picture show.
 Kids love bright colours and cuddly pets
so here is your chance to make some one really happy!