Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter to "Ewe"

Happy Easter to "Ewe"

Here is a picture of the Lamb Lollies I mentioned last week. 
Super yummy lamb shaped chocolate lollipops. 
All knitters love lambs/sheep for so many reasons- the main one being their wonderful fibres.
 Also - what can be better than yarn and chocolate?!
The yummy lambs are being made exclusively for us by Shelley's Chocolates - a local business.
A yummy treat for you or your knitting and crocheting friends any time!
Knitter's Mugs

Sitting and knitting/crocheting and drinking a cup of coffee is what many knitters love to do.
We now have
Knitter's Mugs by our favourite potter - Carolyn - from the Glen Mill.
This is her most popular mug design. To make it special for she added "knitting" words to them.
Carolyn is not a knitter - so she thought some of our abbreviations where rather strange!
Yarn Bowls

N"ewe" and improved - isn't that what all the ads on TV say.
We  now have a selection of
larger yarn bowls in soothing colours.
Some have fluted edges and others have interesting details inside.
I am amazed at how many yarn bowls we have sold over the past couple of years.
Once you have one - you will wonder how you managed with it!

If you have not used one - now is the time - our selection is excellent.

Enjoy your long weekend and be sure to find time to knit or crochet.

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