Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretty Colours + Books

I hope that the Easter bunny visited "ewe" and brought "ewe" some treats.
 I had a nice weekend, got some treats and even had time to do some knitting.
I was careful not to get any chocolate on my yarn!

Plymouth Encore Colourspun
Everyone loves to knit or crochet for babies or toddlers. Lots of our customers are having babies arriving in their immediate families or co-workers or friends having babies in the near future.
How about "ewe"!

Plymouth has just come released 4 delightful colours for "baby/toddler" knitting in their
 Encore Colourspun yarn.
As "ewe" knit - the yarn forms a pretty self pattern that looks great.
The knitting looks like "ewe" did a lot more work than"ewe" really did.
 The yarn does the "work" for "ewe" -"ewe" get the compliments!

 Sounds good to me.
The colours are all based with white and there is a pink blend, a yellow blend,
a blue blend and an aqua blend.
The colours are so much nicer in real life -  nicer than in this picture.
We also have a great selection of knitting and crocheting books for baby/toddlers.
Think blankets and sweaters or whatever "ewe" would love to create.

These great books just arrived.

Knitted Baby Booties are quick knit, easy projects. 
There are a lot of fun designs in this book with fun names such as Fairy Slippers, Moon Boots, Pompom booties and Candy Pink Toes.

Essential Baby has over 20 patterns such as the Hooded Carrying Bag, Pinafore Dress and Duffel Coat.

Baby Knits for Beginners says it all. 
"Ewe" will learn n"ewe" techniques as you create each project.

These patterns use a variety of various yarns.
We will enjoy helping you find exactly what "ewe" need.

Remember our special hours
Friday April 27th - closing at 4:00
Saturday April 28th - closed all day
We are having a booth at the Knitters Frolic in Toronto.

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