Thursday, March 29, 2012

recyling - reducing - reusing yarn

Earth Day
is Saturday March 31st 
We all need to be kinder to our "earth". 
Our featured yarn - Echo - is doing just that!

We have a great n"ewe" yarn in called 
Echo by Twilley's.

Echo comes in 4 "earthy" colours.
There are special patterns for this yarn but as it is a dk - you can use any dk pattern.
The way this yarn is processed makes it very earth friendly.
Linda is knitting a pretty lacy cardigan with Echo and really likes the yarn.

Echo - to resemble or imitate an earlier model/another style; an effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared
Recycling - Echo is produced by recycling old denim and cotton. The old denims are cut to remove the zips and buttons, they the pieces are reduced into fibres and spun in to yarns.
Reducing - Echo has no harmful impact on the environment. The old jeans are not wasted but used again. There is no harsh dyeing process as the colours are produced by using either 100% recycled denim or 20% recycled cotton with 80% recycled denim.
Reusing - It is important to reuse, where possible, to help create a clean and sustainable environment.

Pottery is also an "earthy" item.
My favourite potter - Carolyn - just brought in some lovely n"ewe" yarn bowls.
I have not had a chance to take pictures yet - but will for next weeks post!

Not really related to do Earth Day 
but we now have really cute and yummy chocolate Lamb Lollies
 made exclusively for us by Shelley's Chocolates.
Gosh, when you think of it - lambs love grass (the earth) so maybe they are related!
A fun treat for you or whoever!

Happy Earth Day
Knit and crochet and eat chocolate by candle light!

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