Thursday, February 28, 2013

Liberty Wool Print and Tincatknits

Here is my finished Liberty Wool Print children's cardigan. 
It has  faux cable ribbing and hood. 
Knitting with this self patterning yarn is lots of fun.
Another fun thing is that this is a free online pattern.

We are now carrying a n"ewe" line of patterns called

Tincanknits consists of 2 young designers with an eye for fashion 
and they are located in British Columbia.
They write easy to read patterns and many of the patterns start at newborn and go to 4XL!
Look closely and "ewe" will see hats, mitts, cowls, kids and adult sweaters, socks and even a baby blanket.

Hope to see "ewe" soon to check out my cute sweater and our n"ewe" patterns!

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