Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cascade yanrs

I think that I have recovered from my  holiday in Costa Rico with friends.
 I saw lots and did lots of interesting things but did not find any yarn shops.
I only saw a few sheep in the fields but lots of cows and horses.
As I said before I did get some knitting done - even at the pool.

While I was away more new yarns arrived and
Linda had the challenge of finding spots to put all the yarn!
We now have a selection of Cascade Yarns!
You will have to come in and check them out. 
The colours are beautiful and the yarns are so soft!
 On the left in skeins in Cascade 220 
On the right in balls is Cascade 220 Superwash
Both these yarns are 100% wool and KW weight
- so there are a million or so projects that you can make using them

Cascade  Heritage Silk Paints
This is a fingering weight yarn in a merino / silk blend.
I know you would love to have your toes wrapped in this yarn. 
A lovely shawl for spring / summer would also be beautiful.

Wow, another box just arrived - will let you know what is in it next week - or drop by before then.

There are still lots of yarns on SALE!

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