Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas in the shop

I imagine that you are as busy as we are trying to get all your knitting and crocheting done for the holidays. There is nothing more lovely than giving or receiving a gift where every stitch is made with love.
The shop is full of more kinds of yarns than over for you too make such a gift.
Combine that with all the colours, textures and wow - 
we are like a "candy shop" for knitters/crocheters!

When you visit the shop you will be greeted by a festive wreath 
 on the front door adorned with balls of yarn.
 Once in the shop you will find lots of one and two ball project such as seen in the above picture.
hat made withMulberry Merino,
Mitts made with Woolie Bullie and Vintage DK
A large cozy cowl made with Bravo Big
 These are larger project and they are really beautiful. 
The Colour Affection Wrap on the left is knit with Socky Talky and Sakkie.
Skein of Geese shawl in the middle is knit with Hedgehog Fibre Fingering.
The tall display of yarn are kits from Sweaterkits to make a lovely lacy vest.
I know this picture has lots in it - so let me point some things out.
Top shelf - limited edition Soakboxes
that include a bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury hand creme, stylishly matched to premium nail polish, custom hand-dyed yarn and a pattern by Canadian knitwear designer Fiona Ellis.
Lower shelf - Namaste organizers for circular needles, gadgets, dp needles and more.

Hope to see "ewe" soon.

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