Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hedgehog Fibre Lace ++

As promised - here are some pictures of the 
Hedgehog Fibre Laces.
The picture does not do them justice - you have to come in and "pet it"!

Kidsilk Lace in at the top and Blue Faced Lace is at the bottom.
Both feel absolutely wonderful.

 This lovely Kidsilk Lace cowl was designed and knit by Linda.
 A little secret - in this picture it was only about have finished and it looks great.
Linda has completed it now and it looks more than great!
It is displayed in the shop. 
 For those of you who love to crochet - Wonderful Wearable Wraps - is for you!

All knitters love to learn more and better ways to do their favourite pastime. 

For sock lovers
The Sock Knitters Handbook or The Sock Knitters Workshop. Both are excellent and have lots of interesting ideas, tips and patterns

For learning other knitting skills
 Expanding Your Knitting Skills
There is so much to learn in the knitting world!

Don't forget about our Wish List!

2 n"ewe" fashion yarns just arrived! 

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