Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall has arrived in the shop

Fall does not official arrive until Saturday but Fall has arrived in the shop!
This display shows all the n"ewe" yarns that arrived so far this Fall
- thick  - thin - fashion - self patterning - unspun - 
a rainbow of colours - all textures imaginable
Wraps and shawls continue to be the major fashion statement for this season and the next.

The one orange toned shoulder wrap is called Silky Shoulders by Sweaterkits.
I knit it using one skein of Silk Jewel.

The mauve triangular shawl is called Skein of Geese
Linda knit it using one skein Hedgehog Fibre Sock.

The large green/blue wrap is called Colour Affection.
 I knit it using 2 skeins of The Dye Guy Socky-Talky 
and one skein of Plymouth Sakkie.
Misti Alpaca has done it again with this beautiful hand dyed yarn called Qolla. It is a knitting worsted yarn.
The colours are very unique.
 I can think of so many projects that I would love to use this yarn for
- hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters mitts .....

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