Thursday, March 3, 2011

A work of Art!

Even though it is now March - we can likely still expect some snow and cold weather but there is a great solution for enjoying this weather  -  keep knitting and crocheting!

Now think - cozy, warm, ....and a beautiful hand knit blanket.
Knitting a blanket is a cozy activity to do
and great entertainment for you during this in-between kind of weather.

I wanted to share with you this wonderful blanket that Janet created using
Berroco Comfort KW.
The pattern is one of  over 50 designs in the Berroco Comfort Knitting and Crocheting Afghan book.
Janet loves to do cables and she does such a perfect job every time.

I thought you would enjoy seeing a close up of picture of all the intricate twists and turns.
 I am sure you will agree that it is amazing work of art!
 It is not "just" knitted!!

When you feel the Berroco Comfort KW you will think cotton, silk, and other wonderful thoughts but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is actually made out of a high quality acrylic and microfiber blend. It is very smooth to knit with and the stitch definition is wonderful. We have this yarn is over 25 colours and their are specific books including patterns for babies, kids, adults and home decor. You can also use any KW pattern for this yarn. We also have Berroco Comfort Baby for your special babies.

This is a great weight of yarn to knit with - not too heavy and not too thin. How about trying some soon!

Three things to remember
- our Green Coloured Sale is now happening
 - lots of ruffled yarns have "arrived" and are "leaving" quickly!
Spring and Summer yarns are also arriving

Hope to see you soon.

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