Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ruffled yarns

Everyone loves to be "in fashion"!
Wearing a ruffled scarf is a sure way of doing so!
You will definitely make a "statement" when you wear your ruffled scarf.
Be prepared to have your scarf admired every time you wear it.
People are amazed when you tell them you made it.
Remember, knitting is a talent - do not tell them how easy it was! 





A special thanks to Edythe for lending us her scarves for display.
They are so stunning!
N"ewe" ruffled yarns  
are arriving all the time!
Salsa just arrived - same idea but a bit different! Watch for picture in next blog.
I will also put some pictures of Tul in next time.

Be sure to drop in and pick out your favourite colours - they are selling very quickly!

Have fun making ruffles!

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