Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where is Diane?

I just returned from a wonderful week holiday in ????.
Of course I took my knitting with me.
Below are some "where is Diane"?? pictures.
See if you can guess.
 I will tell you at the end of this post.

Knitting beside a very old ruins - wonder if they knitted!

Knitting in an unusual place

Did not see any knitting but lots of other wonderful crafts

Shocked look as I just dropped my knitting in the pool

the only "yarn" store I saw

I was lucky enough to go to Panama with some long time girl friends and some new girl friends. We went on a bus tour which was wonderful. Saw lots - including toucans and macaws out side our hotel window, cruising through the Panama Canal. Also ate too much, and did lots of laughing.

Picture #1 - besides of the ruins of building from old Panama City built around 1600
Picture #2 - on the ferry cruising through the Panama Canal - wow is it big and busy
Picture #3 - outside a house in a native village in the rain forests
Picture #4 -  in the pool with my wet knitting at the hotel in the rain forest
Picture #5 - yarn bins in a grocery store in Panama City

I have all my pictures on my computer at the shop. If you would like to see them - be sure to drop in - I would love to share them with you.

 Lots and lots of the ruffling yarns have arrived. There is a great selection of new colours!

Have fun knitting and crocheting, Diane


  1. looks like a fab trip diane! love the 'where's diane' idea. if i did one for myself it wouldn't such great variety - front step, back step, garage, garden...!

  2. Hey Diane, it looks and sounds like you had a great trip! I loke the knitting everywhere photos - cute! I knit almost daily and often sit with my wrap on my shoulders. the one you ladies made for me, thank you again. Please say hello to Linda, and all the Knit 'N sip ladies, also the guild members. I hope that all is well with you! Jan