Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Reading and Creating!

For those of us who love to play with fibre
there is almost nothing more exciting than having n"ewe" books to check out.
Here are a few n"ewe" ones that should be make for interesting reading and creating.

This book is a nostalgic collection of over 20 designs inspired by space and technology. 
And they say knitting is not for the young at heart! Think again!

This is the best book ever for cat and kitten lovers. 
They are little kittens and big cats - all very loveable.
There is even a pattern for a mouse!

No matter how long you have knitted - there are always n"ewe" things to learn 
and questions to be answered.
This is the book for you -it is small enough to put in your knitting bag
and as the front cover says - it has all the answers!
I have looked through it and it does look pretty interesting!

Happy Creating!

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