Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fantastic Bamtastic

Hope you are finding time to knit and crochet along with your gardening time.
I also love to garden (along with my love for knitting) and do find gardening a nice change from knitting - but every evening my knitting needles are also very busy.
Just think,with knitting/crocheting 
you do not get dirty, your back does not get sore from bending over, you do not get bug bites 
and hopefully you do not work up a sweat!

It is so much fun opening boxes when you know that there are n"ewe" yarns inside.
This yarn is called Bamtasitc and it is fantastic!
It is a Plymouth yarn and we are the only store in Canada with it.
Bamtastic is a lovely bamboo blend.
 It comes in 100 g balls with 225 m per ball.
The colours are much prettier when you really see them and you can even touch them!
On a 4.00 mm needle this yarn works as a dk and on a 4.50 mm needle it works as a kw.
I have already sold some!
One customer is making a baby sweater and another customer is making herself a sweater.

Don't forget that next Wed - June 12th from 11 - 3 is WWKIPD.
Hope to see "ewe".
Be sure to bring your project, yarn donations and food bank donations and a friend!

Also remember we are closed Mondays 
for June, July and August.

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  1. Diane and Linda,
    Really enjoyed the knitting outside today, what do the letters WWKIP stand for ? Look forward to seeing my new friends on Wednesday afternoons.
    Thanks again for all you do.
    I took a couple of photos with my cell phone and have them uploaded on the computer to share?