Thursday, May 9, 2013

SockItToMe and Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday
and it is certainly not too late to "drop the hint" that you would love
a special gift for Georgetown Yarn
(rather than another "whatever"!)
Here are some great ideas that I know would make you very happy!
 yarn, yarn and more yarn
 needles, needles and more needles - think interchangeable sets
gadgets of all sorts
 yarn bowls
shawl pins
project bags
blocking wires and board
yarn swift and ball winder
or even a
Gift Certificate 
would be wonderful!

I bet it is quite a long time since you heard someone say - Sock It To Me!!
Believe it or not  SockItToMe is the name of a n"ewe" yarn that we are carrying
I have finished knitting the Rollercoaster Triangle - free on line pattern.
It used one ball of  SockItToMe and it was fun to knit.
This is a self pattering yarn with a long repeat. 
This is how it goes:
the very  narrow end on the right is the cast on edge, 
the curved edge at the top is the increase edge,
 the edge at the bottom to the right is the decrease edge 
the edge at the bottom to the left is the cast off edge.
Once you get going it is easy to figure it out.
Other great yarns we have that you could use are Magico and Zauberball
because they also have a long repeat.
If you want a more gentle look to it - we have a wall full of choices.
I am sure that you could use any weight yarn and make your own "one of a kind" triangle.

This triangle drapes so nicely and would be a great accessory for your wardrobe.
Be sure to come in and check out our great colours.

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