Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liberty Wool and Earrings

They did it again! 
Two more great new colours for 
Classic Elite Liberty Wool Print
The top colour is called Sugar Spun.
The bottom colour is called Floral Hallucination.
- just image the beautiful projects that you could make using this yarn.
We have about 15 other colours in Liberty Wool Print.

Local artist and friend - Mary Meredith - is making us wonderful earrings.
They look like a little ball of yarn with knitting needles.
They are so... cute.

They come as studs and fish hooks.
The earrings are silver and gold plated and nickel free.
We have over 12 different colours for you to admire and pick from.
How about a pair to match each outfit! or a pair for a special knitting friend!

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  1. ball o' yarn earrings. now that's a cool concept! mary does such nice work too!