Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gertting Organized

Wow, it is past the middle of January already!
There is "something" about January and getting organised that seem to go together.
Having said that -now is a great time to get your needles, hooks and yarns in some kind of order.
We have several things that can help you "get organized"! 
Namaste Circular Needle cases
Namaste Circular Needle Cases 
hold a lot of needles in little pouches that can be labeled.
We also have
Namaste Skinny Minnies
Best Buddies
- both super for little gadgets. 
Clover Straight needle and crochet hook cases and Needle inventory cards
The Clover Straight Needle Cases holds 13 pairs of 10" or 14" needles.
The Clover Crochet Hook Case holds 8 hooks.
I like to store the needles and hooks I use the most in these cases 
and put the others away in a safe place in case I need a size that I do not use as often

We have a very nice selection of knitting bags to keep your projects organized.
The Project Bag - black or ecru, lots of pockets, free standing
Knit Happy Totes in 2 sizes fashion colours
keep track of your needles on a KnitCard Inventory Card
- carry it with you and you will always be prepared.
We even have our own Georgetown Yarn tote bags (bright pink) 
that fold up in to a pouch when not holding your project.

We will be more than happy to help you get organized!


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