Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Dye Guy is at it again1

Our friend The Dye Guy 
has been at it again developing wonderful n"ewe" colours.
Socky Talky
Socky Talky makes the most amazing socks because of its wonderful feel 
and  interest colour range.
These are their n"ewe" colours. Which one is your favourite?
We have other colours in stock also.
This sock is also great for shawls - come in and see our sample.
Joy of Soy
Joy of Soy is yarn made of soy fibre.
This fingering weight yarn has a lovely sheen and feels very smooth as you knit with it.
We have a sample made of this yarn -
Maluka - and others colours for you to choose from.
You will have to come in and check out the fun names that John (The Dye Guy) gives his yarns.
One of the other super thing about this yarn that it is dyed locally in Jordon Station ON
- on the way to Niagara Falls.

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