Friday, August 10, 2012

N"ewe" things!

Hope you are staying cool and finding time to knit and crochet.
There are always n"ewe" things arriving at the shop.
 It is so much fun opening the boxes and seeing what is in them!
 For those of you love to crochet baby blankets - this is the book for you!
the BIG book of baby AFGHANS
has 29 designs - for your favourite girls and boys.
Knitted Toy Travels is a really fun book. 
Here is your chance to knit 15 wild projects from across the globe.
How about a monkey, parrot, kangaroo, hippo, reindeer or almost what ever animal you can think of!

Knit Red   
 - stitching for women's heart health - 
is the book the "knitting world" is talking about.
You will find over 30 designs from some of the best knitting designers out there.
Great patterns and beautiful photography.
Even some heart healthy recipes!!
 You can never have enough knitting bags.
 This durable bag from Knit Happy is the perfect size for one of your smaller projects.
 If you have a lot of smaller projects - you could get a different colour bag for each project!

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