Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wraps in Style

Yeah - Summer is officially here!
This is a picture of a plant that I have in my front garden 
that has bloomed for the first time since I planted it 4 years ago.
It is called a Red Hot Poker.
I saw lots of them in England 5 years ago and thought one would look lovely in my garden. 
I was so surprised when it finally started to bloom and cannot believe how fast it has grown..
Since I took this picture - it has gotten "redder" in colour and grown several more inches.

Summer is a great time to knit/crochet small projects. 
Think shawls, socks, mitts, hats, baby things, cowls, fingerless gloves, etc....
It might be hot outside, but your home is cool and you want to keep you fingers busy!
It is also lovely and cool here in the shop - so feel free to drop by and sit on our couch and knit/crochet!
Be ready for the Fall and the gift giving season.
Misti Alpaca Fingering

We carried Misti Alpaca Fingering a few years ago and it is back by popular demand.
Make yourself a wonderful shawl - free pattern on their website or a pair of sock that your toes will love.
Silk Whisper Wrapper
Sweaterkits has done it again with this great light weight cowl made of Silk Whisper.
Quick, easy and light weight.

Closed on Mondays for July and August
*****Also closed the first week of July****
No blog post that week!

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