Thursday, May 10, 2012

The year of "orange"!

You read in our newsletter that orange is the colour of the year
 It is hard to believe how many colours of orange that there are
 - from soft coral to bright crayon orange. 
This program has limited colour choice - I think you get the message!

Display showing lots of oranges 

Both shawls are knit from Sweaterkits - a local company - the other side of Toronto.
The one on the left is hand dyed silk with beads on the yarn. 
The one on the right is hand dyed silk and mohair.
We have a super collection of colours at the present time.
Mystery bags - can you guess what is in them!!

I was at a suppliers on Sunday and this is the result - yarn, yarn and more yarn
- actually 9 n"ewe" ones for you knitting and crocheting pleasure.
They are all arranged in the shop now. 
There are nice ones for knitting summer scarves, shawls, etc.
Note - a new ruffled yarn - Bossa Nova - similar to Ondas in summer colours.
Also  some n"ewe" medium, chunky and super chunky yarns.

I will highlight them in the next few blogs but if you are really curious - drop in for your own special preview!
I saw lots of great new scarf yarns for the fall and have a few pictures of them 
- will not arrive until mid summer.

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