Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shawl and Fibre Fest

I had a birthday recently and received some lovely knitting and "sheepy" related gifts.

This lovely shawl was knitted for me by Linda -
 I was so surprised - it is a work of art and I love it.
Surprise - it has pink in it! 
Knitters always really appreciate it when they receive a knitted gift.

My best friend Marie does not knit!! -  but she keeps me supplied with "sheepy" things. 
This year there was a set of sheep shaped salt and pepper shakers - one black sheep and one white sheep, a pair of socks with sheep on them, some cute little clothes pegs with a sheep decoration on them and a very little fluffy sheep.

On Sunday, Kelene, Lorraine and I went to a Fibre Fest near Grimsby. 

Lots of sheep
Lots of alpaca - this one needs its bangs trimmed
Shearing Alpaca - look at all that fibre!
Alpaca really skinny now

There was also sheep herding with border collies, angora bunnies and fluffy little chicks.
There were vendors selling wool,  spinning demonstrations and more.
Also vendors selling beeswax candles, honey, juices and home made ice cream. The ice cream was yummy - wonder how I know!
You could buy lunch and there was going to be a cooking demonstration but we decided to move on.
It was a fun way to spend a few hours.

Summer hours start next week!
Closed on Mondays - rest of the hours the same!

Only one more week to
 Knit in Public - June 9th -
here at the shop - 11 - 3!

Come for the day or drop in for a visit!
See you then!!

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