Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can you guess?

Can you guess where I was?
I was lucky enough to go away with a group of friends again this year. 
We did travel to where it was warmer than here - but they were having a cool spell and I think I only had my shorts on once!
I took my knitting but did not get much done as we were busy seeing lots of interesting things.

standing beside a coffee plant at a coffee plantation
a cotton/silk tree- a really, really tall and big tree
What any interesting name!

lots big black steps behind me

Just arrived
 A shipment of the ruffled yarns - Triana - 7 colours, Ondas - 4 colours, Ronda - 2 colours
Lots more on back order - hopefully more next week
 but be sure to check out the colours in stock now as they will quickly disappear!

In case you could not guess - I was in Guatemala - the country directly below Mexico. 
I even climbed to the top of a Mayan temple - what a wonderful view from above the tree line!
I have pictures on my computer at the shop - if you would like to see them - just drop in any time.

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