Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bamboogie and Joy of Soy

Can you think of any thing nicer than a lovely yarn to knit with
Below you will find one of my favourites + a new one by the same company.


Bamboogie is a wonderful hand dyed yarn from the Dye Guy.
 It is a 100% fingering weight yarn with a slight shine.
 The names of this yarn reflect are all called Pearl .....

Joy of Soy

Joy of Soy by the Dye Guy I bet you can guess what it is made of!
It feels so soft, has a lovely twist and the colours are slightly shaded.
It is also a fingering weight yarn - think shawl, scarf or whatever.

You will only find these yarns at our shop or the Dye Guy's shop near Niagara.

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