Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woolie Bullie and Kid -Seta

I love the name Woolie Bullie
I love the yarn label on Woolie Bullie
I love the love the feel of Woolie Bullie
I love the look of Woolie Bullie

Now take a look for yourself at this fun yarn.

Did you see the sheep on the label!
Don't you love it!
This yarn is very unique in texture and appearance.
Think of a coat, mitts or a hat with shearling trim and that is how this yarn knits up.
The Woolie Bullie pattern book includes hats, mitts and a headband using this fun yarn.
The finished products will be so cozy and warm.

Another n"ewe" yarn!

Kid- eta
Kid-Seta yarn is so very different from the Woolie Bullie.
It is fine a wool/silk blend and is extremely light.
There are actually 3 different  kinds of Kid-Seta
Kid-Seta, Kid-Seta Melange and Kid-Seta Print.
You will love creating with any of them - the hardest thing will be deciding which one and which colour you would love to use.
Kid-Seta worked along with Cashmere Queen makes a wonderful looking project.

 Saturday August 13th for Family time!

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