Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get organized!

Yeah! Summer is here according to the calender.
Whether you are knitting or crocheting on vacation or in your backyard - you need to be organized.
Being organized saves you time, keeps your projects clean and neat and makes you look professional!

Here is a selection of items to help you get organized.
Lantern Moon basket - made in Vietnam - a fair trade company
Our shop bag - light weight and folds up easily to fit in your purse
Bagsmith Project bag - holds lots, stays open when using , handy shoulder strap
Wacky Woollie tote bag - black and white sheep
House Mouse knitting tote
Wacky Woollie tote bag - coloured sheep and cute sayings on it
Wacky Woollie Sheep shoulder bag - great for small projects
Toto Pouch - colourful and useful - different sizes
Knit Happy note pad with pen and sticky notes

Needle sets and needle organizers
I am sure that many of you have gone away and left the size needle you needed at home.
I will admit that I have.
The Addi Click sets - regular, bamboo or lace sets will solve that frustrating problem.

Needle organizers - are just what their name says! There are rolled up or flat ones for straight needles. There is also a flat organizer for circular needles.

Happy Knitting and crocheting!

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