Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is it?

Just an aside - In the Toronto Star on Thursday Jan. 13th, the front page of the Living Section was devoted to the joys of hand knit and other hand crafted items. They highlighted a hand knit aran sweater being sold at retail stores. They went on to point out the joys and benefits of hand knitting, etc. and how more people are doing it. Gosh, are they behind the times - we have know these things for ever!! Good article if you get a chance to read it. I have a copy here at the shop if you would like to read it.

Can you guess what "IT" is? For those of you who were at the Guild meeting last night, you will already know what "IT" is!

Just finished casting "IT" off! Looks like nothing on earth!

Blocking made "IT"  grew by 14' in width and 5" from top to bottom
What a difference! "IT" is now a "CITRON"!

Lace yarns for knitting "CITRON" or other lace items

CITRON is a free pattern on and is a pattern I have always wanted to knit. It is easy knitting - all stocking stitch with increase and decrease rows. I must admit that there are a lot of stitches (over 500) in each row of the ruffle. I used Classic Elite Silky Alpaca - 2 balls - the ones in the front of the basket in the picture.  On the label for this yarn it states reasons to knit with it - lovely softness and halo, subtle sheen, airy and light and warmth. I agree with all these statements.

You can also use Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Lace - 1 ball - the ones in the back of the picture. It is equally as nice as the Silky Alpaca and comes in a different colour range and a larger put up.
Can you imagine trying to wear this without blocking it? All I did was soak it in Eucalan for about 10 minutes and then spread it out carefully to dry. It dried in about 2 hours!

This was a fun, quick knit project to try particularly if you have never used lace yarn before. I am sure you agree that the CITRON is very pretty and would look nice being worn any time of the year.

PS. - SALE is still on - lots of super specials - more sale items just added!
       - a few bags of "ruffled" yarn just arrived and expecting more next week

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