Friday, January 7, 2011

Molly ?? is Finished!

Do you know what Molly is?
I will give you a couple of hints.

She was designed by Classic Elite.
She has many colours in each ball.
She is really pretty and easy to make.
She will keep your warm and cozy.

You will find the answer in the pictures below!

 Molly just born as a ball of Liberty Wool

 Molly half way done with some of her friends!

 Molly all finished

Molly is a fun and quick scarf to make. The yarn is a 100% super soft wool by Classic Elite.
There are only 4 rows to the pattern - what could be easier! Our scarf took only 3 balls but if you want Molly to wrap - you will need 4 balls.

There is a technique in this scarf called Short Rows which might be new to some of you but we are here to explain it to you if need be.

I am sure you know some one - maybe even yourself - who would love to wear their very own Molly!

Sorry, you cannot borrow mine - you need to create your own!

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