Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have you ever seen.....?

Have you ever seen a knitted bridge? Yes, I said a bridge - you know the "thing" that allows you to travel across a body of water without getting your feet wet. Bob and I went to see a knitted bridge this week.

This bridge is in Cambridge Ontario and is decorated with knitting (and some crocheting) until Sunday October 27th. The history of Cambridge is based on fiber and fabric mills. The Cambridge Centre for the Arts wanted the community be aware of  its' past, so they came up with this project. They asked knitters/crocheters to make "something" to decorate the bridge. Isn't is amazing! After the "work of art" comes down, the pieces will be all cleaned and the blankets are being donated locally for those in need. The scarves are going to be sold at a special event with proceeds going to the Centre. For more info go to - I have more pictures on my computer at the shop if you wish to see them.

Wow, more new yarns are here and they are as colourful as the bridge but you will definitely want to wrap your body in these fibres - not a bridge.

Dye Version Bamboo

The first one is by a local independent yarn dyer - Dye Version. The yarn is 100% bamboo in absolutely fabulous colours. You will receive a free fashionable scarf pattern for this yarn when you purchase this yarn.

Sweaterkits Silk
I could give almost the same description for this new yarn also. It is dyed by an almost local dyer (the other side of Toronto) - Sweaterkits but this yarn is 100% silk. Of course you have to see the colours to really appreciate them. You also receive a free fashionable scarf or shawl pattern when you purchase this yarn.

Also, lots of new books - will send pictures next week - OK? If you cannot wait - be sure to come by for a visit to say Hi and to see the books.

Oh, yes - Happy Fall - It is now officially KNITTING SEASON!


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  1. Love the detai about the bridge. Has me thinkin' about a road trip...! LD.