Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Gadgets

Knitters love gadgets of all kinds that enhance their knitting life.

How often have you wondered what size your knitting needles are because the size is worn off or you are using old needles which could be US Or UK sizing. This nifty needle gauge by Clover covers a wider range of sizes that most gauges. It goes from 2 mm to 15 mm! There is also a handy ruler along the bottom edge.

These extra small stitch markers come in a unique triangle shape. This allows the knitting needle tip to slip in easily when passing the markers from one needle to another. These stitch markers are ideal for sock knitters as they fit over needles form 2 mm to 3.5 mm and will not stretch your stitches as larger makers often do.

Highlighter tape - I love it! Just put this removable tape where you need it on your pattern. No need to write on your patterns again to keep track of where you are. Comes in blue and yellow.

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  1. i feel the same like you! i am a gadgets lover. i buy and try every new thing that goes to the market!