Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our trip

I am feeling a bit better and so is Bob.
 I have finally started knitting again after several weeks of doing "nothing".
Flowers from my backyard always make me feel better.

People have started registering for 
our "Ewe" and Me Fibre Retreat.
Hope "ewe" will also.
All the info is at the shop.

We had a wonderful trip - except for getting sick. 
We went on a Danube/Rhine River cruise from Budapest, Hungary to Amsterdam, Holland.
The ship was wonderful and the "things' we saw were unbelievable.
I did take my knitting with me but I did not do much.
Here are a few pictures of me knitting in other countries.
No I did not knit these but this why we knit.
I saw these 2 sweaters in the window of a high end shop in Austria.
 The pullover was over 3000 euros and the cardigan was over 4200 euro.
A euro is about $1.30!!

 Sitting outside the church in Austria where Maria from The Sound of Music 
walked down the aisle and was married.
I also walked down the aisle - kind of interesting in a strange way.
The organ was playing and it was beautiful.
Also saw the row of tall trees the kids were playing in.- guess they are a lot taller now than when the movie was made.
Also walked to and in the Abby that was important in the movie.
Knitting and relaxing on the top deck of the ship as we sailed the Rhine River through Germany. 
The river is narrow and we could see so many interesting things as we sailed along.

Only saw a few sheep until we got to Holland and then they were everywhere.

Next week there will be pictures of some of our fall yarns and patterns that have arrived.
There is quite a variety and I am sure you will like them all!!

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