Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knitter's Pride Needles

Take a look at  the n"ewe" must have knitting needles
- Knitter's Pride
Unfortunately this picture does not show the lovely colours that they come in - you will just have to come in to see them yourself.
 These needles are made of symfonie wood (birch) and have a lovely smooth finish and sharp point. 
They are also light weight so your wrists and fingers will love them.

"Ewe" have lots of choices - starting at the top left 
                                        - 6" sock needle set - 6 pairs
                                        - 6" sock needles in various sizes
                                        - interchangeable deluxe set - 9 sizes, 4 cords
                                        - interchangeable started set - 3 sizes, 2 cords
                                        - 10 " straight needles in various sizes
                                        - funny looking red "thing" - needle gauge with a magnified section to 
                                          check your tension

Forgot to take of picture of the 10" and 14" straight needle sets with 10 pairs in each set.

 Don't forget our Winter Yarn Sale is taking place right now.
 Lots of specials to make "ewe" happy.

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